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Note: These installation instructions are for version 2.0 or later. Older instructions for 1.92 can be found here and update instructions can be found here.


The LimeSurvey project provides two ways to install LimeSurvey:

  • On your webserver:
    In this case, just follow the instructions on this page starting with step 1.
  • On your local Windows PC:
    You usually only want to install LimeSurvey on your local PC if you want to create surveys locally (mainly for speed or development/test reasons) and upload them later to your live LimeSurvey installation on a web server. For this purpose, we have prepared a special LimeSurvey package which includes the web server, the database, the LimeSurvey application, and instructions how to install it.

1. 你確定 LimeSurvey 能夠在你的網站使用


The minimum set of requirements will also be checked during the installation process!


  • 約有 9 mb 硬碟容量來存放源程序的檔案
  • PHP 4.3.2 或以上版本
  • MySQL 4.1.0 或以上版本
  • PHP 已安裝 mbstring (多位元組字串函數) extension library (用於本土化文件) (見於 安裝 FAQ)
Note: If you are connecting from Linux to a MSSQL database on a Windows server using the dblib PDO driver, then the underlying FreeTDS needs to be set up correctly. Check out the Troubleshooting page for more information.



If you want to run Microsoft's IIS server, taking a look at Installation on XP with IIS might also help.


For the survey taking side we currently support IE9 and all newer comparable browsers like FF, Chrome, Opera, etc. For the administration part we currently support IE11 and all newer comparable browsers like FF, Chrome, Opera, etc. We do not support any IE version running in Intranet-mode or Compatibility-mode!

For the administration part, we currently support Edge and all newer comparable browsers like FF, Chrome, Opera etc. with activated JavaScript. We do not support any Internet Explorer versions in the administration part anymore.

Screen sizes

We support any reasonable screen size for survey taking (360px x 640px and up). The minimum supported screen resolution for the LimeSurvey administration page is 1280px x 1024px.

Hosting for LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey should work with most hosting companies that provide PHP and MySQL. If you want a ready-installed version of LimeSurvey, you could try LimeSurvey Cloud, else check out our list of LimeSurvey-compatible hosting companies.

2. 下載 LimeSurvey 套件

到訪 sourceforge 網站下載最新的 LimeSurvey 套件.

套件約 2 MB 的檔案大小。 下載 zip 壓縮格式的檔案,並儲存到您的硬碟內。

3. 解壓縮 LimeSurvey 軟體包

採用你慣用的壓縮軟體以預設目錄/資料夾的方式解壓縮 zip 格式的軟體包。請一併解壓縮軟體包原來預設的目錄結構及相關檔案).


  • 程序 admin 目錄需要有 '寫入' 權限來導入問卷. "/limesurvey/tmp" 目錄用作上傳文件,所以要設定可讀取/可寫入的狀態. 在 linux 或 unix 它應該 chmod 到 775.
其他目錄可以設定成可讀取狀態或在 linux/unix chmod 755. 你可以把 /limesurvey/admin 目錄內的文件都設定成 755 的使用權限.

4. 收集網站伺服器訊息

你需要符合以下條件才可以正確安裝 LimeSurvey.

  • 你要建立 limesurvey 的網址URL來存放它的源程序 (ie: '')
  • limesurvey 在伺服器所在的實質位置 (ie: '/home/usr/htdocs/limesurvey')
  • 你的 MySQL 資料庫的 IP/網路位置 (ie:'localhost')
  • 如果您的 MySQL 資料庫使用非標準連接埠, 您就要找出埠號.
  • 你的 MySQL 資料庫使用的使用者名稱及密碼
  • 如果您的網路伺服器是使用 Windows 作業系統, 請當試找出 mysql bin 檔案的存放位置. (ie: 'c:/mysql/bin')

5. LimeSurvey 的組態設定

使用自己的文字編輯器修改 /limesurvey/目錄內的 config.php 文件檔,下列設定要加以調整:

Set directory permissions

For the script to work properly it needs certain access to some directories - this applies especially to Linux/*nix systems.

  • The "/limesurvey/tmp" directory (and all its subdirectories and files) are used for imports & uploads and should be set to Read & Write for your webserver.
  • The "/limesurvey/upload/" directory (and all its subdirectories and files) must also have Read & Write for your webserver in order to enable picture and media files upload.
  • The "/limesurvey/application/config/" directory also needs Read & Write permissions for your webserver.
  • The other directories can be set to Read Only. You may wish in Linux/Unix to set the permissions on each file within the /limesurvey/admin directory to Read Only.
  If you are using Linux, then setting permissions depends on your webserver configuration. For example, if you use Apache HTTPD on CentOS, type chmod -R 755 <directory> ; chown -R apache <directory>. This will give everyone access to read, and your webserver will have the permission to write. Check the following link for more information on Linux permissions.

Create a database user

LimeSurvey will create a database and the tables inside it. To be able to do this, it will need the user name and password of a database user. We generally recommend creating a database user with the following permissions:



- Microsoft SQL Server: Unknown - if you can find out this information, please complete it.

8. 首次連結 admin 源程序

上傳檔案後,您可以透過網站瀏覽器建立 LimeSurvey. 打開您的瀏覽器,在網址列鍵入 admin.php 的 url 網址. 如果您是使用limesurvey 作為目錄名稱來存放它的所有檔案, 網址大概的形式如是 ""

You should get a login screen. The default login credentials (if they have not been changed during the installation) are:

第一次使用 LimeSurvey 時, 源程序會連接到你在 config.php 文件設定的數據庫. 如果該數據庫並未建立, LimeSurvey 會向你發出警訊. 至低限度您會進入登入的頁面. 預設核查身份的登入資料是︰

User: admin Password: password



Further configuration


LimeSurvey uses the Yii file cache by default, but it can be configured to use other cache engines. Possible other caches are:

  • Memcached
  • Redis
  • WinCache
  • XCache

Please see the Yii documentation for full description.

Since LimeSurvey 4.0.0 you also have the possibility to cache calculations in the ExpressionScript. This can provide a significant speed-up depending on survey complexity. To enable the emcache, add this in your config.php file (components array):

'emcache' => array('class' => 'CFileCache'),

As with the main Yii cache, other cache systems can be used.

The emcache is not compatible with randomized surveys, and will be automatically turned off in such cases.

9. 我遇到問題怎麼辦...

正如所有電腦程式, 運作過程難免偶有問題, 導致運作失常的原因也很多. 如果您操作上有麻煩, 請透過 的LimeSurvey forums 支援論壇或加入 IRC channel: irc:// 發表您遇到的技術問題或LimeSurvey 執行後出現的錯誤訊息,一定有人協助您解決困難。