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The overview page offers a general perspective on your survey. You can manage your survey from the top toolbar (e.g. start, stop, check survey logic), take quick actions (e.g. add a question/group, edit general survey elements and settings), and analyse the survey statistics.

For further details, check our wiki on the Overview tab.

General settings

The general settings of a survey allows the user to edit basic information about your survey such as the survey owner, administrator's email, the template employed and so on. This option can be also accessed from the Overview tab. For more details, please read our wiki on the survey general settings.

Survey texts

This option offers the possibility to change

Template options

Survey participants

On many occasions you will want to invite a group of people to participate in your survey, keep track of who has completed the survey, and ensure that each person can only participate once.


Publication & access

Survey permissions

Participant tokens

Survey quotas

A quota is used to set a limit on responses from defined groups of people on an active survey. Some common attributes used in defining quotas are things like gender, age, race, province/state. A quota can be added, edited or deleted by opening the quota window.


LimeSurvey has the ability to create "assessments" on your survey - even for multilingual surveys. Assessments are rules which evaluate the responses to a survey immediately after it is submitted, and then display text blocks to the participant based on that evaluation.

Data management

Email templates

In the email template , you can use some specific keywords to use token information (see [[Survey participants#Email placeholders|emails placeholders] to get the complete list of placeholders).

Panel integration

On this tab you can set which additional URL parameters will be accepted by your survey (these parameters would be attached to the general survey start URL). For further details, see Panel integration


This tab lets you manage files (pictures, media files) that were uploaded in the HTML Editor and it is only visible if you edit a survey - not during survey creation.

For further details, check our wiki on how to use external resources in your survey.