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This function will suffer important changes in the upcoming LimeSurvey releases.
The wiki is incomplete. More details have to be provided. If you would like to contribute to this wiki.


To access the Menu entries table, click on Configuration and then on Menu entries configuration

Menu Entries Configuration.png

This function allows you to create, edit or delete menu entries. In order to be shown, these entries have to be added into a menu.

Menu entries configuration

Menu Entries List.png

The following actions are available to the users:

Create a menu entry

The following options are available:

  • Menu: Select the menu where the new entry will be located (read our wiki on how to create menus here);
  • Name: Type in the name of the menu entry;
  • Title:
  • Ordering: If more menu entries are added to a menu, use this function to order them
  • Menu title:
  • Menu name:
  • Menu icon:
  • Menu icon types:
  • Menu class:
  • Menu link: Link the menu entry to the URL of that function
  • Permission:
  • Permission grade:

Note 64x64 bubble lime.png Read our wiki for information on advanced settings.

Edit menu entry

If you would like to change the details of an already existing menu entry, click on the green button located in the Action column. The respective menu will get selected and in the upper right the +New menu entry button changes to Edit menu entry. Click on it and do the edits.

Create new menu entry.png Edit menu entry.png

Delete menu entry

If you want to delete a menu entry, click on the red trash button that corresponds to that respective menu entry (located in the Action column).


Advanced options - menu entries

When creating or editing a menu entry, you may find in the lower right part of the dialog the Toggle advanced options button. The following extra fields will be shown once you press it:

  • Action
  • Template
  • Partial
  • Classes
  • Data
  • Get data method
  • Language

Once the edits are done, do not forget to click on the Save button.