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This function will suffer important changes in the upcoming LimeSurvey releases.
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If you would like to create a new menu or add new entries to a preexisting menu, access Menu configuration from the Configuration dialog.

Menu Configuration.png

If you are unhappy with the existing survey menus, edit the default ones or create new menus. You can also add new menu entries or edit the existing ones.

Survey Menu

Once accessed, you can see in the Menu Configuration panel a table with all the existing survey menus.

Survey Menus.png

Three actions are available:

Create a menu

If you would like to create a new menu, press on the green button (+ New menu) located in the upper-right part of the window. The following window will pop-up:

Create a New Menu.png

A group of options is available:

  • Parent:
  • Survey: You can choose to which survey is the menu available. It comes automatically set up for All surveys;
  • Ordering:If you use more menus that have the same position, ordering them would help you better organize them.
  • Title: The tile of the menu;
  • Description: A short summary of the entries that will be added to that menu can be added;
  • Position: Four positions are available:
    • Sidemenu : The menu will be located on the left side of the window.
    • Collapsed menu :
    • Top bar : The menu is going to be on a bar located in the upper part of the window:
    • Bottom bar : The menu is going to be on a bar located in the lower part of the window:

Edit a menu

If you would like to change the details of an already existing menu, click on the green button located in the Action column. The respective menu will get selected and in the upper right, the +New menu button changes to Edit menu. Click on it and do the edits.

Edit a survey menu.png
Select a survey menu to edit it.png

Delete a menu

If you want to delete a menu, click on the red trash button that corresponds to that respective menu (located in the Action column). If you click Delete now, all the menu entries of that menu will also be deleted.