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Under the Settings tab, you will find Survey settings and Survey menu. This wiki section will cover the Survey menu.

To find out about the survey options, click the following link.

Question list

To view a list of your questions, click List questions. A list of survey questions will be displayed in a table with quick action buttons in the last column.

For more details, read our wiki page about this option.

Group list

To view a list of your survey question groups, click List question groups. All groups are displayed in a table.

For more details read the following wiki page.

Reorder questions and question groups

To get an overview of the overall structure of your survey, click Reorder questions/question groups. This allows you to reorder questions and question groups.

For more details, read our wiki page about this option.

Survey participants

You may want to invite a specific group to participate in your survey to keep track of who has completed the survey and who has not, and ensure that each person can participate only once. To do this, click Survey participants and add only those persons that you wish to complete the survey..

For a more in-depth presentation of this functionality, access the following link.


A quota is used to set a limit on responses from defined groups of people on an active survey. Some common attributes used in defining quotas are things like gender, age, race, province/state. A quota can be added by clicking Add new quota located in the right part of the window.

For further details, access the following link on quotas and their usage.


LimeSurvey contains a feature that allows the survey administrator to create survey assessments for participants- even for multilingual surveys. Assessments are rules which evaluate the responses to a survey immediately after it is submitted, displaying text blocks to the survey participant (based on that evaluation).

For further details on its usage, check our wiki page about it.

Survey permissions

In some cases the administrator may not want to give a user (e.g., a translator) global permissions to access more than one survey. That is why the survey permissions panel was created - to facilitate the allocation of permissions to different users without the need of using the global system of permissions. To learn more about global permissions and survey permissions, access the following wiki section.

For more details on survey permissions and their usage, click the following link.

Email templates

The email templates are used to send personalized invitations, reminders, confirmations, and registrations emails to survey participants (from the survey participants table). You can also edit the standard basic (or detailed) admin notifications that are sent to the survey administrator(s).

For more information, access the wiki section dedicated to email templates.

Panel integration

You can set up which additional URL parameters will be accepted by your survey (these parameters will be attached to the start URL of the survey).

For further details, see the wiki section on panel integration.


Here you can manage pictures and media files that were uploaded in the HTML Editor.

For more details, refer to our wiki section on how to use external resources in your survey.

Simple plugins

  Attention : Under construction

For more details, refer to the wiki section on plugin menu.