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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

This tab lets you manage files (pictures, media files) that were uploaded in the HTML Editor and it is only visible if you edit a survey - not during survey creation.

For further details, check our wiki on how to use external resources in your survey.

You can:

  • Browse available files
  • Export files as a ZIP archive
  • Import a ZIP archive of files

Important hints:

  • Authorized files extensions are defined in config-defaults.php.
  • Files for the survey are in the upload/surveys/<sid> subdirectory.
  • Uploaded files will only been seen while browsing resources on this survey (groups, questions, answers) not in other surveys or objects (labels).
  • Do not expect this limited visibility to ensure confidentiality of the resources as they are reachable with a simple browser to anyone who know the URL to the file.
  • You can't import a ZIP file containing subdirectories.