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Once you click on a question from the structure tab, the following window will be displayed:

Question top bar.png

If we look at the top question toolbar, the three buttons offer the possibility to preview our work. You can choose to:

Preview question - general

A question can be previewed in each language the survey is available in (just click on the preview question tab and select the language you wish to preview in).

There are different ways through which you can preview a question. The two most common ways are from the survey structure menu and from the top toolbar located in the question panel.

Help.pngWhen preview a question, the relevance of this question is forced to be true.
 Hint: You can add GET params in URL to set some previous question answer used in relevance equation of subquestions.

Preview question - survey structure menu

To a preview a question, click on the Structure tab, select the desired question, and click on the preview question button located on the top bar:

Preview question survey structure.png

Preview question - question panel

When you edit or create a new question, you can preview it to check from time to time how it would be seen by your respondents. To do that, click on the Preview button located on the top bar of the question panel:

Preview question - question panel.png