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To create a new menu or add new entries to a preexisting menu: Configuration -> Settings -> Menu configuration

You can change the existing survey menus or create a special survey menu for a certain user groups. You can also add new menu entries or edit the existing ones.

Survey Menu

The Menu Configuration panel has a table with all the existing survey menus.

Four actions are available:

Create a menu

To create a new menu, press the green button (+ New) located in the upper left part of the window. The following window will be displayed:

Create a New Menu.png

A group of options is available:

  • Parent: Use this option to select the parent menu of another survey menu. In this way, a survey menu will be displayed within another menu once clicked. For example, the plugin menu is a survey menu that has as parent menu the mainmenu, being displayed the bottom of it due to its order.
  • Survey: You can choose the survey the menu will be available for. It comes automatically set up for All surveys;
  • Ordering: If you use more menus that have the same position, ordering them would help you better organize them.
  • Title: The tile of the menu;
  • Description: A short summary of the entries that will be added to that menu can be added - useful for other LimeSurvey administrators that wish to later change the configuration of the survey menus;
  • Position: Four positions are available:
    • Sidemenu : The menu will be located on the left side of the window;
    • Collapsed menu : A collapsed menu will display only the icons of the survey menu entries;
    • Top bar : The menu is going to be on a bar located in the upper part of the window;
    • Bottom bar : The menu is going to be on a bar located in the lower part of the window.

Edit a menu

To change the details of an already existing menu, click the green button located in the Action column.

Delete a menu

To delete a menu, click the red trash button that corresponds to that respective menu (located in the Action column). If you click Delete now, all the menu entries of that menu will also be deleted.

Reset to default values

If you edit the default menus and want to reverse the changes, click the Reset button located in the upper right part of the window. Once clicked, you will be asked to confirm the action. Please note that all the custom menus will be lost if you decide to proceed.

  Attention : Please note that in order to backup your survey menus configuration, create a LimeSurvey database backup. A separate option will be introduced in the near future to facilitate only the backup of the survey menus.


Check out the following examples to better understand how you can edit survey menus.

I want the default collapsed menu to become the new side menu

The default side menu (located under the survey settings tab) is:

To change it, access the menu configuration panel. Edit the main menu and change its position from side menu to collapsed menu, and the position of the quick menu from collapsed to side menu.

Once the changes are done, the side menu of the survey (the options displayed under the settings tab) will become the following one:

Display a list button menu

Let's suppose that you wish to add a new (sub)menu to easily access from the settings tab the list question and question groups options. To do that, you have to create the menu option:

We wish to have it displayed in front of the Plugin menu, so we select "Survey menu" to be the parent menu,order "2", to be displayed before the plugin menu, and position "sidemenu" (similar to the position of the parent menu).

Now, the menu is empty. We have to add menu entries to the newly created menu. To do that, we have to access the menu entries panel and add the two links that correspond to "list questions" and "list question groups":

  • List questions

  • List question groups

I want to change the icons and add new menu entries to the default main menu

To do that, you need to configure the LimeSurvey menu entries. To do that, please continue reading the following wiki section.