Administering LimeSurvey

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To administrate your LimeSurvey installation, click on the Configuration button located in the top toolbar of the home page:

Configuration dialog.png

The menu contains three tabs: settings, users, and advanced.

Settings tab

This tab contains five options with which can be used to customize your LimeSurvey installation:

Settings tab configuration.png
You can also customize your LimeSurvey installation from config.php. For more details, read our wiki on LimeSurvey optional settings.

Users tab

The Users tab contains options related to the users and participants' management. If you wish to offer different survey and/or global permissions to your employees/helpers, you have to create users to whom to grant permissions. For an easy management, the users can be grouped into user groups. The central participant database (CPDB) contains survey participants who are allocated to more than one survey and/or are shared with other LimeSurvey survey administrators. Three options are located under the Users tab:

Users tab configuration.png

Advanced tab

Under this tab you may find options that are neither users- nor settings-related. The Advanced tab contains functionalities that you can use to enhance your survey or your LimeSurvey installation:

Advanced tab configuration.png