Survey group permissions

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 Hint: This features is available starting in version 4.4.0

Global permissions

  • Create: This allows an administration user to create a group. By default the user is the owner of the group. The owner has all permissions for the groups he owns.
  • View/Read: This allows an administration user to view and read all surveys groups.
  • Update: This allows an administration user to update all surveys groups.
  • Delete: This allows an administration user to delete all surveys groups.

Survey groups shown in list

If a user has the permission to view surveys groups, all surveys groups are shown, e.g. in the dropdown when choosing a Survey Group or in the Survey group list).

What is shown in general:

  • The Default Surveys group (the surveys group with ID 1)
  • Always available surveys groups (setting in each survey group)
  • If a user has permission for one survey in the group, the related surveys group is shown.
  • If user has permissions for surveys groups (User listed in surveys group permissions)

Surveys Group permission

Surveys group settings

If you look at the survey group settings you can see the following fields: name, description, parent group, sort order, owner, availability.

Except for the description all these settings are shown in the list too, so any user without this specific permission can see this information.

Survey group security

Permission to modify survey group security settings. To add a new user on a permission the adding user needs update permissions.

Survey settings for surveys inside group

This allows to update inherited surveys settings for surveys inside this group. This doesn't include theme options for survey inside the group.

Surveys in survey group inherited permissions

This permissions are not part of Surveys group permissions. Then giving all read permissions on Surveys Group didn't give all read permissions on all surveys inside the group.

This give permissions on all surveys inside the group. See the related global permission for surveys.

  User can add survey in group only if he can see the group. There is no 'Create' for this permission.