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Short description

This question type allows the user to change the language of the survey. In a dropdown box, users can choose between the languages in which the survey is available (base and additional languages).

Core settings

Mandatory (mandatory)


This option lets you require that all parts of the question be answered. If you have a question with multiple sub-questions, and want to require that some but not all parts be answered, use the min_answers question attribute instead.

Valid values

  • Yes
  • No (default)

Relevance equation

Hint: This features is available starting in version 1.92


If the value of the relevance equation is "1" or "true", the question is "relevant" in the survey context, i.e. it is shown to the survey participant. If not, the question is hidden. All questions let you specify a relevance equation. Relevance is the successor to conditions and supports much more complex conditional logic.

Syntax Highlighting

Whenever you save the relevance equation, it will be evaluated and syntax-highlighted. Any errors will be color coded so that you can quickly detect and fix them.

Valid values

Any equation, using Expression Manager syntax, without surrounding curly braces.


Here are good examples of syntax highlighting

Advanced settings

Randomization group name (random_group)

Hint: This features is available starting in version 1.92
Attention : The order of randmization is currently not stored. So you should not give the user an option to save/resume later. This is a limitation that will be fixed in a future version.


Place questions into a specified randomization group, all questions included in the specified group will appear in a random order.

Valid values

Just enter any string you like (for example: 'group1'). All question which have set the same string will have their place in the survey randomized (=randomly exchanged among each other).

Always hide this question (hidden)


If you prefill a question by URL you can use this setting to hide the question and its value from the survey participant at all. This overrides any conditions because the particular question is never even embedded in a page. If you just want to hide a question (for example if you want to store a value calculated on the fly) then use Javascript embedded in the question source code.

Hint: The question are not diplay in HTML, it can be set with an equation question or survey URL, but not in javascript

Available options

  • On
  • Off (default)