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Question Themes can be used to customize existing question types and change there visual appearance. Question Themes can only be built for allready existing Question Types.

File:QuestionThemes1OverviewExample.png File:QuestionThemes2OverviewExample.png


To access the Question Themes go to Configuration > Themes > Question Themes.

File:QuestionThemes1Overview.png File:QuestionThemes2Overview.png


Question Themes are by default visible but can be switched to off. They will not be displayed anymore inside the Question Type and Question Theme Selector.

When the Option "show as question type" is enabled all Question Themes will now also be displayed inside the Question Type Selector.

File:QuestionThemes3Visibility.png File:QuestionThemes4Visibility.png

Uninstall and Available Question Themes

All Themes that are available for installation will be displayed in this section.

If u want to uninstall a Question you can do so by selecting the Question Theme and choosing "uninstall" inside the dropdown menu under the table. They will now appear inside the available Question Themes.

Uninstalling a Question Theme will prevent the use inside selectors. Used Question Themes cannot be uninstalled while they are still used inside a Survey. File:QuestionThemes5AvailableQuestions.png

Broken Question Themes

If there should be errors while loading Available Question Themes they will be displayed in this Category with an Error Message to the related Theme.

Importing Question Theme

It is possible to import Question Themes using the import Button. During the import the Theme will be automatically installed and available for use.

When importing a Theme from LS3 or above they will be automatically converted into the current standard

The imported Theme must be in the ZIP format.

Before compressing the folder to zip it must have the following structure:

File:QuestionThemes6ImportStructure.png NAME/survey/questions/answer/QUESTIONTYPENAME/config.xml

List of question types/IDs and default CSS classes

Question Type Question Class Question ID
5 point choice .choice-5-pt-radio 5
Array (10 point choice) .array-10-pt B
Array (5 point choice) .array-5-pt A
Array (Flexible Labels) dual scale .array-flexible-duel-scale 1
Array (Increase, Same, Decrease) .array-increase-same-decrease E
Array (Multi Flexible) (Numbers) .array-multi-flexi :
Array (Multi Flexible) (Text) .array-multi-flexi-text ;
Array (Yes/No/Uncertain) .array-yes-uncertain-no C
Array (flexible labels) .array-flexible-row F
Array (flexible labels) by column .array-flexible-column H
Boilerplate question .boilerplate X
Date .date D
Gender .gender G
Huge free text .text-huge U
Language switch .language I
List (dropdown) .list-dropdown !
List (radio) .list-radio L
List with comment .list-with-comment O
Long free text .text-long T
Multiple numerical input .numeric-multi K
Multiple options .multiple-opt M
Multiple options with comments .multiple-opt-comments P
Multiple short text .multiple-short-txt Q
Numerical input .numeric N
Ranking .ranking R
Short free text .text-short S
Yes/No .yes-no Y


The configuration for a Question Theme can be found inside config.xml. An example can be found in the docs folder.


The Metadata describes the Question Theme, these settings will also be saved in the Database. File:QuestionThemes7MetaData.png

Tag Type Mandatory Description
name string x The name of the extension
type string x Type of the extension; can be "plugin", "theme", etc; see below
title string x The title that is displayed in the frontend
creationDate date (YYYY-MM-DD) Date the extension was created
lastUpdate date (YYYY-MM-DD) Date of the latest update
author string x Plugin author
authorUrl url x URL to author web page, necessary so that customers can contact author for support
copyright string x Copyright Information
license string x Extension licence
version string as semantic version x Extension version number
apiVersion string x Api version number
description string x Information that will be shown as help text
questionType string x The Question Type the Theme is associated with
group string x The Group inside the selector it should be assigned to
subquestions string x If or how many Subquestionscales should be displayed
answerscales string x If or how many Answerscales should be displayed
hasdefaultvalues string x If the Theme has default values
assessable string x If the Theme can be used for Assessments (Quiz)
class string x The HTML class name for the Theme


List of the of files loaded via asset manager.



Attributes that are displayed on the right side of the Questioneditor. These Attributes are predifined and are the same for all Question Themes, currently no new ones can be added. If you want to show or hide certain options for a Question Theme you can remove or add the attribute. File:QuestionThemes9GeneralAttributes.png


Attributes are Options you want to give to this Question Theme and can be customized. They are visible at the bottom of the questioneditor. File:QuestionThemes10Attributes.png

name The internal name
category The category tab in which the attribute should be displayed. This can also be a new one.
sortorder At which position inside the tab it should be display from top left (smallest) to bottom right (highest)
inputtype What type the input should be rendered as
default The default value for the input field
help The help text
caption The frontend Title for the Theme


Configuration for special load options


Tag Type Mandatory Description
load_core_css boolean If core css should be loaded
load_core_js boolean If core js should be loaded
show_as_template boolean If the Theme should be loaded
show_as_question_type boolean If the Theme should be listed inside the question type selector


Converting LS3 to LS4

When updating to LS4 the current custom Question Themes will be updated into the LS4 standard. If the Theme has missing attributes that can not be automatically inserted, they will not be installed and instead be available for installation. If an error occurs they can be found under #Broken Question Themes. If you want to import a Question Theme from LS3 into LS4 after you have updated your Installation you can simply use the #Importing Question Theme which has an integrated functionality to automatically convert it.

Importing a Question Theme from LS4 into LS3 is not automatically possible.

LS4 changes

The "custom_attributes" tag is not needed anymore. Attributes will allways be defined inside the attributes tag instead. There is no need for different naming since they will be merged together when reading the Question Type.

Further there has been addistions to the metadata section of the xml, additions are marked in red. File:QuestionThemes12Compatibility.png