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This setting allows the survey administrator to choose the way the survey can be accessed by survey participants (e.g., CAPTCHA codes can be used to increase the security of your survey). Also, here is where you can set a start/expiry date/time.

From the Settings tab, select Publication & Access

Survey menu - publication and access.png

Publication & Access Panel

The following are the Publication & access panel options:

Publication & access panel.png

Start Date/Time

The date the survey starts.

Expiry Date/Time

Set this to the date you want your survey to expire. This is the last date on which the public survey script will allow survey participation. For example, If you set the date for December 31, then people will no longer be able to use the survey script on January 1. To disable this, clear the date from the input field.

Link survey on public index page

This setting is disabled by default. If enabled, your survey will be listed on the public index page under 'Available surveys:' of your LimeSurvey application. For example, if your LimeSurvey administration is available under it would be listed at

Set Cookie to Prevent Repeated Participation

If this is turned on, a survey participant will be blocked from completing a survey for the second time.

Help.pngIf you do not know what a cookie is, please check this wikipedia article.

Use CAPTCHA for Survey Access

In order to access the survey, a CAPTCHA code has to be typed in by the survey participant.

Use CAPTCHA for Registration

In order to register for the survey, a CAPTCHA code has to be typed in by the survey participant.

Use CAPTCHA for Save and Load

Enable it if a survey participant loads his survey again after he completed only a part of it.