Backend UI improvements for 2.5

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Denis on Mantis:


  • Next/previous button in edit question
  • Option to always keep the side-menu open (it's irritating to manually open and close it all the time)
    • Adaptive design: You open it manually one time and it stays open.
  • Put two small icons visible at hover on the side-menu:
    • Activate/stop survey
    • Test/run survey
  • Start to think in terms of Ajax: Which pages can be loaded async? Side-menu is always the same. Load side-body and menu-bar async? E.g., when clicking on question in side-menu, we can blur side-body (main content), show a loading gif and fetch all HTML async.
  • Add a list of most recently visited surveys (visited in backend), like in word processors. Add this list to survey drop-down in top menu ("Create, import, list surveys"). The purpose is to make it easier to switch between 2-3 surveys you are currently working on.
  • Keep more advanced bar menu even in edit mode (plus save, save-and-close, close): Screenshot from 2016-04-06 15-46-01.png

New features

  • Customizable quick-menu (quick menu?) where you can choose which buttons to show, visible at all time (or on different pages?).
    • Drag-n-drop buttons from a list to add and change order
  • Interactive tutorial (not unlike those found in games) to a users first survey creation.
  • Extend the dashboard with what? Customizable information?
  • Provide the possibility of making a question mandatory (not only show it or not) under certain conditions

New design proposal (several pages available, see pages button in left hand column)