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When side-menu is collapsed, we have a quick-menu to the left:

Screenshot from 2016-04-20 17-48-27.png

Default buttons - just the home button. Maybe a link to configurator? "Configure this menu."

Configure in personal preferences, so we need an extra tab here. List all available icons, checkbox beside. Just check those buttons you want to show. In the future, make quick-icons sortable.

Need a new table for user preferences: lime_user_settings. Key-value store like global settings.

Column Def
uid integer, reference to lime_users
stg_name char varying(50) not null
stg_value char varying(255)

Primary key is (uid, stg_name). Possibly also add "created" and "modified".

Plugin: Create an event so advanced users can upload their own quick-menu buttons. Very usable for developers to achieve common tasks fast.