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Google Summer of Code Selection Criteria for LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey will choose applicants that interest us the most, and we will be using the following criteria when coming to a final decision. Given the limited number of places we will have available, it is important to us to choose carefully.

Please note that the final decision of the LimeSurvey Mentoring Organisation is final and not negotiable; these guidelines are to help you when determining and framing your application.

What we are looking for?

  • Functionality

Our current focus for LimeSurvey is to achieve a cleaner code base. We already have a large number of features so new features is not priority rather making the existinf features/GUI better.

Students who propose ideas that will improve the current state of code and GUI of LimeSurvey 2 will be high on our list of priorities.

  • Originality or Clarity

Clarity on ideas will count during the selection process rather than originality. If your application shows a clear and definitive understanding of its purpose and place within LimeSurvey, we'll be very interested.

  • Achievability

We need to be convinced that you're capable of achieving the idea that you propose.

As part of your application make sure that you think carefully about milestones and deliverables. When we assess your application we'll be looking at these carefully to see if we think they are measurable and achievable. An application with clearly defined milestones that help us understand that path the student intends to take to finish the project will have an advantage over an application with unclear or uncertain milestones.

  • Realism

Coding projects take time, and this is a 2 month window. Your project needs to be something that can be completed in 2 months. If we think your idea is not realistically achievable, we're not likely to take it on.

  • Ability

To feel confident that you can achieve your proposal, we'll need to feel confident in your abilities. Tell us about your experience and/or skills with PHP, Yii, JavaScript and jQuery. Give us some examples of projects you've completed, or participated in before.

  • Communication

We need to feel confident that you'll be a good communicator during the course of your project.

What we are not looking for?

We're pretty open to ideas. If you have a great idea that's a little out of left-wing, feel free to propose it, but it'll probably need to be outstandingly brilliant to push aside core feature proposals.

What we're not looking for are applications that are short, show little effort, and do not indicate a serious and real desire to contribute to the LimeSurvey Open Source Project.


Your application must be achievable, well planned and realistic in time and effort. We are looking forward to it!

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