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Mazi (Marcel Minke) has started working with LimeSurvey in 2007. He knows the software and code base very well and is official Head of Support at LimeSurvey. At his free time he helps users at the LimeSurvey forums and the LimeSurvey chat.

Advanced LimeSurvey support

Marcel works as a freelancer, offering advanced (paid) support for LimeSurvey as an official LimeSurvey authorized partner. You can have a look at the services he provides at or contact him directly at:


Skype: marcel_minke

Professional LimeSurvey Templates

LimeSurvey Template Shop

Since many users are not familiar with HTML and CSS which is needed to create a professional LimeSurvey template, we have set up the LimeSurvey Template Shop at where you can download professional LimeSurvey templates.

These templates look more modern than the shipped LimeSurvey templates and use a DIV based layout which can easily be adjusted by editing a few lines of CSS. There are placeholders for the logo so you can easily place it left/right, centered or let it spread the whole header width. Furthermore those templates contain a footer section where you can place links to your homepage, copyright information or the like.

All templates were tested with the major browsers. At the LimeSurvey Templates Shop we link each template to a sample survey which shows how different question types look like at this template, so give it a shot.

Customized LimeSurvey templates

If you are looking for a fully customized LimeSurvey template that matches your corporate design, Marcel is your man. In the last few months he has created ~50 customized professional LimeSurvey templates for his customers.

Take a look at the screenshots of some of the templates. If you click on the image you can see a higher resolution version.

Example 1:

Bcaa welcome.png Bcaa survey.png

Example 2:

Bullying welcome.png Bullying survey.png

Example 3:

Tebbutt start.png Tebbutt survey.png

Example 4:

Csi welcome.png Csi survey.png

Example 5:

Zapffrisch survey1.png Zapffrisch survey2.png