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Statistics and response browsing

  • filterout_incomplete_answers: Control the default behavior of filtering incomplete answers when browsing or analyzing responses. For a discussion on incomplete responses see our browsing survey results wiki. Since these records can corrupt the statistics, an option is given to switch this filter on or off in several GUI forms. The parameter can be edited in the config.php. The following options are available:
    • 'show': Allows you to visualize both complete and incomplete answers;
    • 'filter': It shows only complete answers;
    • 'incomplete': Show only incomplete answers.
  • strip_query_from_referer_url: This setting determines if the referrer URL saves the parameter or not. The default value is 'false' (in this case, the referrer URL saves all parameters). Alternatively, this value can be set to 'true' and the parameter part of the referrer URL will be removed.
  • showaggregateddata: when activated, additional statistical values such as the arithmetic mean and standard deviation are shown. Furthermore, the data is aggregated to get a faster overview. For example, results of scale 1+2 and 4+5 are added to have a general ranking like "good" (1/2), "average" (3) and "bad" (4/5). This only affects question types "A" (5 point array) and "5" (5 point choice).
  • PDF Export Settings: This feature activates PDF export for printable surveys and Print Answers. The PDF export function is totally experimental and the output is far from being perfect. Unfortunately, no support can be given at the moment - if you want to help to fix it, please get in touch with us.
    • 'usepdfexport': Set '0' to disable and '1' to enable;
    • 'pdfdefaultfont': It represents the default font that will be used by the pdf export function. The default value is 'auto'. To change it, you have to set it to one of the PDF core fonts.
    • 'alternatepdffontfile': It's an array with language keys and their corresponding font. The default font for each language can be replaced in the config.php file;
    • 'pdffontsize': it shows the font size for normal texts; For the title of the survey, it is <pdffontsize>+4, while for the group title is <pdffontsize>+2. It can be edited in the config.php file or from the [Global settings|global settings]] dialog;
    • 'notsupportlanguages': it includes a list with the languages for which no PDF font was found. The list includes Amharic ('am'), Sinhala ('si'), and Thai ('th'), and it can be found in the config-defaults.php file;
    • 'pdforientation': Set 'L' for Landscape or 'P' for portrait format. It can be edited from the config.php file.
  • Graph setting
    • 'chartfontfile': Sets the font file name that is used to create the statistical charts. The file has to be located in the fonts directory, located in the LimeSurvey root folder. It can be edited in the config.php file;
    • 'alternatechartfontfile': It's an array with language keys and their corresponding font. It can be edited in the config.php file.
  • showsgqacode: This setting is used at the printable survey feature and defaults to 'false. If you set showsgqacode = 'true';, the IDs of each question - and answer if applicable - will be shown. These IDs match the column heading at the Lime_survey_12345 table, which holds the answer data for a certain survey. These IDs can be used for a code book for manual database queries.