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From LimeSurvey Manual

All the settings from below can be overridden in the global settings dialog.

  • 'emailmethod: This determines how email messages are being sent. The following options are available:
    • 'mail:' it uses internal PHP mailer;
    • 'sendmail:' it uses sendmail mailer;
    • 'smtp:' it uses SMTP relaying. Use this setting when you are running LimeSurvey on a host that is not your mail server.
  • 'emailsmtphost: If you use 'smtp' as $emailmethod, then you have to put your SMTP-server here. If you are using Google mail you might have to add the port number like $emailsmtphost = ''.
  • emailsmtpuser: If your SMTP-server needs authentication then set this to your user name, otherwise it must be blank.
  • emailsmtppassword: If your SMTP-server needs authentication then set this to your password, otherwise it must be blank.
  • emailsmtpssl: Set this to 'ssl' or 'tls' to use SSL/TLS for SMTP connection.
  • maxemails: When sending invitations or reminders to survey participants, this setting is used to determine how many emails can be sent in one bunch. Different web servers have different email capacities and if your script takes too long to send a bunch of emails, the script could time out and cause errors. Most web servers can send 100 emails at a time within the default 30 second time limit for a PHP script. If you get script timeout errors when sending large numbers of emails, reduce the number in this setting. Clicking the 'send email invitation' button from the token control toolbar (not the button situated on the right of each token) sends the <maxemails> number of invitations, then it displays a list of the addresses of the recipients and a warning that there are more emails pending than could be sent in one batch. Continue sending emails by clicking below. There are ### emails still to be sent. and provides a "continue button" to proceed with the next batch. I.e., the user determines when to send the next batch after each batch gets emailed. It is not necessary to wait with this screen active. The admin could log out and come back at a later time to send the next batch of invites.