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LimeSurvey PRO vs LimeSurvey CE - Summary
LimeSurvey PRO LimeSurvey CE
The hosting is provided by LimeSurvey. The creation of an up-and-running installation should not take more than 5 minutes. Made to be self-hosted.
You can choose one of the four types of subscriptions: FREE, BASIC, EXPERT and ENTERPRISE. You may either use the free version or pick one of the three premium packages (the premium package contains the ComfortUpdate feature, access to older versions and a multitude of design templates).
It always uses the latest stable version of LimeSurvey. You get access not only to the latest releases but also to the older ones. It is up to you which one you wish to use.
Technical support included for the paid packages. Technical ComfortUpdate support included for the premium packages.
Contains all the features that makes LimeSurvey great. Contains all the features that makes LimeSurvey great.
LimeSurvey PRO comes with response and storage usage buttons due to the limitations imposed by the subscription packages. LimeSurvey CE doesn't contain such buttons, its limitation being represented by the amount of space allocated from the personal server to the LimeSurvey-related tasks.
No server access. This means that no third-party plugins/extensions can be added to your LimeSurvey installation. If you own your server, you can access your LimeSurvey installation. You can start tweaking it and further enhance it by adding additional extensions/add-ons.
The ComfortUpdate tool is utilized to upgrade the LimeSurvey installation. The ComfortUpdate tool is utilized to upgrade the LimeSurvey installation. Moreover, the update can also be done manually.
You save precious time by using our available hosting and avoiding any server or installation configuration. Ideal for hands-on people with technical knowledge. The LimeSurvey manual represents a great place from where you can start learning about this software.
Reliable response inflow due to a self-renewing subscription system. The only limitation is related to your server and its configuration.
Full flexibility due to a cancellation period of only 3 days until the date of renewal. The software is hosted on your servers. No linkages between the activity performed by you with the help of the LimeSurvey software and LimeSurvey GmbH.