General FAQ/17/en

From LimeSurvey Manual

First, go to Global settings and deactivate the XSS-filter. Please also read up the implications deactivating that filter has on your instance. The following steps will not work if the filter is active.

  1. Navigate to the place in your survey where you want insert your Flash file. This can be anywhere where you can use the integrated HTML editor, for example in questions, subquestions, answers, survey welcome/end text and many more.
  2. Open the full-screen editor mode by clicking the 'LimeFitWin' button on the editor tool-bar.
  3. On the full-screen editor tool-bar you will find a little button with a Flash symbol. Click on it. A dialog box will open.
  4. In this box you can give either the path to an existing Flash file somewhere or you click the 'Browse server' button.
  5. If you clicked the 'Browse server' button you will be presented with a file browser and on the bottom an file upload field. Choose now an existing file or upload a file first.