Survey security settings

From LimeSurvey Manual

From this screen you can add other users/groups who may have access to your survey. After adding a group/user you can assign the following special rights:

Edit survey properties

  • Edit Current Survey
  • Set Assessment rules
  • Initialize and Manage Tokens

Define questions

  • Add/Edit/Remove Groups
  • Add/Edit/Remove Questions
  • Add/Edit/Remove Answers
  • Add/Remove Conditions
  • Copy Question
  • Preview Question

Browse responses

  • Browse Responses / View Statistics / Responses Management ( No Delete )
  • View saved but not submitted responses
  • View Tokens
  • Data Entry


  • Export Survey Structure
  • Export Groups
  • Export Questions
  • Export Tokens
  • Export Survey Results

Delete survey

  • Delete survey
  • Delete responses

Activate Survey

  • Activate Survey
  • Initialize and Manage Tokens