Тип въпрос - 5 точки избор

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This page is a translated version of the page Question type - 5 point choice and the translation is 100% complete.

Кратко описание

Този въпрос показва хоризонтална скала от 1 до 5, от която участниците в проучването могат да изберат един вариант за отговор.

Пример: Single choice question

Общи опции




Use slider layout (slider_rating)


This activates an alternative representation of a question using stars or a slider with an emoticon (smiley face). Available in v1.91 or later.

Available option

  • No (default)
  • Yes - stars
  • Yes - slider with emoticon

Hide tip (hide_tip)


Most questions will usually include a tip that says "Please choose one of the following options" or a hint text on how to fill out the question. This attribute allows you to turn off or on this tips/hints.

These tips/hints include validation criteria messages (such as min/max number of answers, min/max/equals sum value). If hide_tip is enabled, these messages will be hidden. However, if the user enters invalid data, the tips will appear. They will be coloured in red, getting changed to green once the validation criteria are met.

Available options

  • On - the tips/hints are hidden;
  • Off (default).

QS:Тема на въпроса

QS:CSS клас

Relevance help for printable survey (printable_survey_relevance_help)


If you wish to print a survey, you can also print the relevance equations for each question. But, if you wish to offer instead an explanation rather than the expression on the printed form, fill in this box with the text explanation for the relevance equation.

Valid values

  • Any text and/or numbers you wish to be displayed on the printable form.



QS:Произволна група


QS:Прекъсване на страница


QS:Публична статистика

Display chart (display_chart)


This attribute allows the survey administrator to choose if a chart that contains the question results should be displayed to the survey participants after they filled out the survey.

Note: To have the chart displayed on the last page, you have to enable the following options:

Available options

  • On
  • Off (default)

QS:Тип диаграма

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