QS:Date max

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Maximum date (date_max)


This question attribute can be used to set the maximum value for the date question (in y-m-d format or any other English valid string - see below for more options). It can be used for both popup and dropdown display options.

  Attention : The Expression Manager validation option can also be used for setting up a "maximum date". However, if you use the popup calendar and the expression relies on a previous question located on the same page, the year will not be displayed correctly in the popup calendar.

Valid values

  • Any date value in format YYYY-MM-DD (eg., 2018-08-24);
  • Any year value;
  • Any English string : "now", "-10 years", "tomorrow";
  • Reference to another date/time question : AnotherDateQuestion (using the question code);
  • Expressions: With expressions, a date can be dynamically calculated. For example, you can use a date from a previous answer + 3 days as a maximum date for the present question by entering: date("Y-m-d",strtotime(departuredate)+3*60*60*24).