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General Information

Google has been continuously supporting Open Source Projects and students coming together since 2005 through its Google Summer of Code Programs. Google Code-id 2011 has been announced and is On!

LimeSurvey will apply as a mentoring organisation for the Google Summer of Code in 2009-2011, and is hopeful and excited about he opportunity to participate in Google Code-in 2011. We plan to give students an excellent environment and platform to learn and most importantly to have fun (:lol:)!

The LimeSurvey community, at the same time, will benefit by students' participation and fresh eyes and ideas.

Google Code-in program information

Google Code-in is a great program both for Open Source organizations like LimeSurvey as well as young students because it gives a platform where several small tasks on Open Source Projects are done by students and in return get rewarded by Google.

There's a lot more information available in Google's Code-in FAQ and home page. You can also join the Google Code-In discussion group to get feedback or ask questions about Google Code-in.

The timelineline can be found here.

LimeSurvey Specific Information

Welcome to the LimeSurvey Community (:biggrin:). LimeSurvey is an open source survey engine that allows people to create and deploy surveys (from marketing to academic to engineering applications). LimeSurvey is written in PHP and used by many high profile organizations including Ubuntu Server Team, GNOME Foundation and Office of the Austrian Vorarlberg State Government

LimeSurvey is loved and used by many universities, students, medical institutes, non-profit organizations, marketing companies and more around the world for many years. Even in the 2004 U.S. presidential election, the Verified Voting Foundation used PHPSurveyor (as LimeSurvey was then known) to gather data about voting irregularities. Sourceforge provides LimeSurvey as a free application for open source projects. LimeSurvey keeps turning up in new places.

It's loved because it is free, flexible and constantly improving - and that because it has a dedicated and committed team of voluntary developers who love the challenge and satisfaction of using and building such a tool.

LimeSurvey is widely used. It has been directly downloaded from Sourceforge over 130,000 times in the last 12 months alone, and is also distributed as a package in the Ubuntu Linux Distribution, and included as a pre-installed application in many standard Web Hosting packages (such as Fantastico).

LimeSurvey is recognized as a leader in its field. On November 29, 2007 LimeSurvey won the 1st prize award at the Les Trophées du Libre contest in the category Corporate Management. In 2008 LimeSurvey was nominated in the category Best Project for the Enterprise in the Community Choice Awards 2008. LimeSurvey was successful in being selected for three consecutive years as a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code in 2009-2011.

LimeSurvey was recently ported in the Google Summer of COde 2011 by students to use the Code Igniter framework - so to make it modular and obey the MVC approach. The basic port has been done and a first 2.0alpha version has been released. However large parts of the code still need to be refactored to pave the way for the future.

It's a perfect opportunity for a Google Code-in student like yourself to get involved early in a project that has a strong history and an even stronger future. Our community is welcoming and fun.

Google Code-in Student Aspirants

Please visit our ideas page and see if any idea interests you. If you have an idea of your own, then develop it. If any idea excites you, and you want to implement that feature , see how you can [#|get started] on it. Come and join us on the IRC channel on Freenode (#limesurvey) and talk about what you want to do.

LimeSurvey Mentors

The following Code-in mentors are willing to mentor students during Code-in program.

Mentor Name
Carsten Schmitz
Marcel Minke
David Olivier
Thomas White
Maarten Tielemans

Our Ideas Page

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