Choice of a PHP framework for LimeSurvey 2

From LimeSurvey Manual



Criteria Weight (1-5) Symfony 2 Yii
Ease of use, low learning curve 5 X
Native support of Postgres/mySQL/MSSQL database systems 5 X X
Handles some form of namespacing 5 X X
Supports creation of an application installer which handles DB setup properly without using commandline or weird workarounds 5 X X
Pluggable authentication system 4 X X
Activity and maturity 4 X X
DB Active Records handling similar to CodeIgniter 3 X
Handles real 5.3 namespaces 2 X X
XML-RPC server support or support for a similar RESTful API (not SOAP) 2 X X
Native PHP views 5 X X
Templating engine 4 X X
Support for different template engines 2 X X
CLI support 3 X X
ORM support 2 X X
Unit tests X X X
Clean separation between Framework/Application Configuration and User Configuration (Administrative Configuration) 5 X X
Clean separation between Framework Code and Application Code 5 X X
Thoughtfull library folder layout for integration with LimesSurvey and 3rd Party Libraries (incl. Autoload) 4 X X


  • GPL compatible license
  • Support of Postgres/mySQL/MSSQL database systems
  • MVC model
  • Requires at least PHP 5.1


  • ACL (because LimeSurvey provides it's own CRUD ACL)

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