From LimeSurvey Manual

 Hint: This features is available starting in version 2.06


This event is fired just before the form of core register form is called


The event receives the following information:

  • surveyid the id of the current survey
  • lang the laguage set in param

Possible output

  • sMessage string : The message to be shown to the user (if set and is true, no email was sent by the default controller)
  • aRegisterErrors string[] : array of errors to be shown at the user before form ( {REGISTERERROR} in template)
  • iTokenId integer : The id of the token to send an register mail
  • directLogin (New in 3.00 ) boolean : Directly log in the survey after register
  • sendRegistrationEmail (New in 3.17 ) boolean : Send the email when directLogin (default to false, used only when directLogin)