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This page is no longer maintained. You can check the latest change logs at Sourceforge. Choose the version you are interested in and at the bottom you'll find the release notes for each version.


Changes from 1.72 to 1.80

Release date 2009/03/09

New features:

  • New question types and new questions attributes:
  • New question types: Array Multi Flexible (Numbers & Text) (jcleeland)
  • New question type: Slider - developed as a variant of multiple numbers question
  • New question type: Array of checkboxes - implemented as a variant of Array Multi Flexible (Numbers) (lemeur)
  • Questions updates: limit possible answers for rank questions (jcleeland)
  • Questions updates: having many 'Exclude all others' (jcleeland)
  • New Feature: Added min_answer feature for the following question types: Multiple options, multiple options with comments and ranking question - patch was kindly provided by F.Markham (c_schmitz)
  • New Feature: Added question attribute "alphasort" to sort a list of radiobuttons or a dropdown list alphabetically before display. (maziminke)
  • New Feature: Question attributes dropdown_dates_year_max and dropdown_dates_year_min for question type date using dropdown layout (maziminke)
  • New Feature: Enable numbers_only attribute for Array (Multi Flexible Text) adapted from a patch by user level420. (lemeur)
  • Question update: Dropdown list options can be grouped by categories

New management features:

  • LimeSurvey Remote Control (Soap gateway to remotely control LimeSurvey) (wahrendorff)
  • Support of ORed questions in conditions (adapted from Ron L.J. van den Burg's patch). (lemeur)
  • New condition designer interface (lemeur)
  • Added new setting 'public statistics' to survey settings, added link appearing at the end of a survey when 'public settings' is switched on (c_schmitz)
  • Improved user registration email (c_schmitz)
  • 'Iterate Survey' icon available in the browse answers screen (only available for non anonymous surveys with allow persistence for token answers set to yes.) (lemeur)
  • New options in token reminder management to limit the numbers of sent emails to participants (max number, min delay between emails)
  • Adding a start date to the surveys (c_schmitz)
  • Added result export to R (patch provided by Livio) (c_schmitz)
  • Add direct link to imported question/group/survey after import (lemeur)
  • Improved Admin Login (c_schmitz)
  • Added possibility to split up the amount of exported responses at one time (Problem with max_execution_time) (lemeur)
  • Question Attribute "public_stats" to filter which question statistics should be shown to the user (maziminke)
  • Expiry-Date Tag for E-Mails, Welcome Page,... (lemeur)
  • Changed layout order of Dual Scale Matrix in statistics (Mazi)
  • Added translations for question attributes (c_schmitz)

Core Changes:

  • Templates have been changed for better accessibility and layouts without tables (eric_t_cruiser)
  • Replaced jpgraph with pChart - that way nice graphs in statistics can be shown without installing jpgraph (c_schmitz)
  • Database performance enhancements (bobc55)
  • Fancy URLs (c_schmitz)
  • Updated toolbar icons (c_schmitz)

New translations:

  •  New language: Dutch informal by Gert Mensing <> (kadejo)
  •    Updated Language: Czech language updated. By Ivo Raisr. (kadejo)
  •    Updated Language: French. (b00z00)
  •    Updated Language: German (c_schmitz)
  •    Updated Language: German informal (c_schmitz)
  •    Updated Language: Dutch. By Jan-Willem ?. (kadejo)
  •    Updated Language: Finnish. By Juuso Heinisuo. (kadejo)
  •    Updated Language: French. (b00z00)
  •    Updated Language: French by Alain Cedelle. (kadejo)
  •    Updated Language: Galician language updated. By Carlos Neira Cortizas. (kadejo)
  •    Updated Language: Greek language updated. By Yiannos Katsirintakis. (kadejo)
  •    Updated Language: Italian. By Giovanni Chiozza. (kadejo)
  •    Updated Language: Norwegian Bokmål. By Reidar Øksnevad. (kadejo)
  •    Updated Language: Polish (xqleg)
  •    Updated Language: Portuguese Brazilian by Andréa Simões (c_schmitz)
  •    Updated Language: Portuguese Brazilian by Flávio Veras (c_schmitz)
  •    Updated Language: Russian. By Pavel Tokarev. (kadejo)
  •    Updated Language: Serbian language updated. By Miroslav Jovanovic. (first in Cyrillic alphabet). (kadejo)
  •    Updated Language: Slovenian language update (gasper_koren)
  •    Updated Language: Spanish translation updated. (kadejo)
  •    Updated Language: Swedish (maxz)
  •    Updated Language: Thai. By Worawuth Nilchawna. (kadejo)
  •    Updated Language: Turkish by A. Murad BAYRAM (c_schmitz)

Changes From 1.71 to 1.72

Release Date: 2008/10/07

New General Features

  • Added template preview to survey settings (c_schmitz)
  • Added the ability to the template editor to edit a CSS file - where the CSS filename must be the same name as the template. (c_schmitz)
  • Added Prefix & Suffix Question Attributes for Short Text, and Multiple Short Text (jcleeland)
  • Added feature request #02065 - Prefix & Suffix Question Attributes for Numerical Input (jcleeland)
  • Added new attribute "other_replace_text" to use alternative text to "Other" for question types that have this option (jcleeland)
  • PDF Orientation can be changed in config-defaults.php (stfreud)
  • ssl/tls is now possible in emailer configuration, previously only tls was supported (Updated PHPMailer to version 2.02) (c_schmitz)
  • Added qmail to possible mailer config settings (c_schmitz)
  • Implemented 02113: Add some details to Naming of Excel Export File (jcleeland)
  • Rewrite of SPSS export to fix numerous problems
    • SPSS 16 compatibility
    • Data is exported now with a sytax and a data file
    • While exporting the data is checked - if non-numeric data for a field is found the field is switched to alphanumeric
    • Data for numerical questions is handled as float
    • Label size is cut down accordingly (c_schmitz)
  • Added new template mint_idea (c_schmitz)
  • New variable $demoModeOnly, used to set limesurvey into a more secure demo mode. (machaven)


  • Added Icelandic translation kindly provided by Jóhann Friðriksson ( johannfr -i-t- arskoli -d-i-t- is )
  • Updated Albanian Language file by Eniel Ninka (e -d-o-t- ninka -a-t- univpm -d-o-t- it )
  • Updated Basque Translation by inforbek13 i-t eps -d-a-t- mondragon -d-a-t- edu
  • Updated Bulgarian translation by Alexander Simidchiev <simid -a-t- mail -d-i-t- bg
  • Updated Chinese Traditional Language File by Mark Yeung
  • Updated Croatian Translation by Ro Vino (c_schmitz)
  • Updated Danish translation by Thomas Clausen
  • Updated Dutch translation by Hans Delva, Gerton Poot
  • Updated Estonian Translation by Villem Vannas (villem -dot- vannas(a) mail (dot) ee)
  • Renamed Farsi to Persian (c_schmitz)
  • Updated Finnish Translation by Juuso Heinisuo, Päivi Tyni  (c_schmitz)
  • Updated French translation (b00z00 and el Almoman walmoman -a-t- hemisa -d-o-z- com)
  • Updated German translations (c_schmitz)
  • Updated Greek translation by Christos Rodosthenous and Yiannos Katsirintakis
  • Updated Hungarian, Macedonian, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Italian, Croatian & Estonain Language Files
  • Updated Hungarian Translation by Daniel Fuleki (c_schmitz)
  • Updated Italian translation by Eniel Ninka  ( e d-0-t- ninka -a-t- univpm -d-a-t- it)
  • Updated Korean translation submitted by the Korea National Police university translation team
  • Updated Latvian translation provided by Marcis Trapencieris (marcic -a-t- sociology -d-i-t- lv)
  • Updated Norwegian Bokmal and Nynorsk translations by dittaeva, Egil Hansen
  • Updated Persian translation by Hooman Mesgary  - mesgary -a-tt- gmail -d-o-tt- com
  • Updated Polish Translation by piotr.plenik a-t-t- teamlab doott pl and xqleg
  • Updated Portuguese-Brazilian translation by Luiz Rafael Santos (lrsantos11 -i-t- gmail -d-o-a-t com)
  • Updated Portuguese Translation by Duarte Geraldes (duarte -it- roquettegeraldes -d-i-t- com)
  • Updated Slovenian translation (gasper_koren)
  • Updated Spanish translation (kedajo)
  • Updated the swedish translation (maxz)
  • Updated complete Turkish translation by Murad Bayram (murad dott bayram att rshm dott gov dott tr) (c_schmitz)
  • Updated Turkish translation for calendar by A. Murad BAYRAM (c_schmitz)
  • Added and updated calendar translations (c_schmitz)

Changes From 1.70 to 1.71

Release Date: 2008/06/02

New General Features

  • Include new pdf-features (stfreud)
  • Standard sitename and sitemail when creating survey (lemeur)
  • Reworked the SPSS export to
    • a) remove redundant pass throughs of dataset (in DATA LIST build)
    • b) adjust DATA LIST column widths to account for data (uses tmpfile())
    • c) escape apostrophe's in a string to an html entity

Note, this was only tested with SPSS 15, it's likely there are UTF-8 problems. (awarren)

  • Raised amount of tokens displayed on one page from 50 to 100 How to translate LimeSurvey (c_schmitz)
  • Graphical date picker to date question type and survey properties (c_schmitz)
  • Overview of all surveys in addition to the existing combobox (nkorfiatis)
  • Save the referring URL in survey results. Sponsored by Lawrence Weathers (docweathers) Coder: Richard Kavanagh (
  • Added feature to show custom attribute names in token interface
  • Added random survey number generation to make guesses on the surveyid harder
  • Moved admin interface styles to style sheets
  • Fixed image links and included PNGFix in admin interface for crappy old IE6 browsers (nkorfiatis)
  • Bubble hints on icons for FF (nkorfiatis)
  • DB Versioning for easier updates to the DB in the future (c_schmitz))
  • Removed experimental interface

New Languages

  • Brazilian Portuguese by Anderson La‚cio Galindo Trindade
  • Chinese Traditional (Area Hong Kong) by Mark Yeung
  • Finnish by Matti Lassila
  • Galician translation by Carlos Neira Cortizas
  • Japanese translation by Hiroki Yoshino
  • Polish by Maciej Zawado
  • Serbian by Ivan Recevic
  • Spanish by Carlos Juan Martín Pérez
  • Vietnamese by Vinh Ngo

New Templates

  • New default template
  • New clear_logo template

Changes From 1.00 to 1.01

New General Features

  • Replaced XPertMailer Email Class by PHPMailer library for much more stable invitation and reminder mailing. This should fix the lost email problem.
  • You can now use an variable named {TOKENID} somewhere in your URL in survey settings. It will be replaced with the Token ID. Like this:


URL Desc: Google is your friend

New Languages

  • New Russian language file for admin and updated client language file by Alexei G. Tchernov ( alexei_g_chernov at mail dot ru )
  • New Finnish language file for PHPSurveyor fronted by Markus Översti (markus dot oversti at edu dot haapavesi dot fi)

Changes From 0.99 to 1.00

New General Features

  • Added SMTP relay and authorization
  • Change survey sent/taken from "Y" to the date:When reviewing the tokens display, the fields telling if the survey request was sent, and the survey taken, display a N or Y. This was changed to be the actual date this event took place.This is giving some siginificant additional information to the survey author. (Patch by Thomas Ringate / tringate!)
  • New global option that allows the administrator to specify what is the minimum number of remaining answers in an 'array - flexible' question that must be remaining before repeating the question headings. This avoids that the headings of the question are repeated if only a few answers are remaining. (Patch by Kris Ven !)
  • Moved admin CSS styles to separate CSS file
  • Moved config.php and common.php from admin directory to main one. This allow easy configuration of permission on IIS (Patch by freddy77)
  • Use extensively dirname and '''FILE''' constants. This allow inclusion using full path names limiting some possible security issues. (patch #326 by freddy77)

New Languages

  • Japanese translation kindly provided by Masaru Ryumae
  • Greek translation file kindly provided by Artemis Mendrinos
  • Romanian translation kindly provided by Bogdan Anastasiei
  • Swedish translation of administration kindly provided by Niklas Andersson
  • Croatian language file (submitted by Ivana Pavic)!

Changes From 0.98 To 0.99

New General Features

  • List type question divided into two question types - radio button or drop down, so you can choose on a question by question basis whether or not to have radio buttons or a dropdown list.
  • New "flexible" list type question uses labelsets to make reusing sets of answers easier - one radio and one dropdown type
  • New "Huge" text question allows for a _really big_ textarea
  • UTF-8 conversion. Use any char of any language mixed together.
  • Question attributes, allows for better control over the display and working of individual questions
  • New system option to set the table type in MySQL
  • New "assessments" feature which allows you to sum the answers to groups of questions, or the total survey, and then present an "assessment" when the users submits the survey.
  • New survey options, including:
    • the capacity to set the "subject" of emails on a survey-by-survey basis
    • hide the "<< prev" button so users can only go forwards through a survey
    • Allow users to save a partially completed survey and come back to complete it later
    • Automatically load the "url" when the user has completed the survey
  • VV Import and VV Export: A way of exporting and importing results directly to the responses table - which not only allows merging of survey responses run on different servers, but also the ability to add or remove questions to a survey while preserving the existing responses.
  • W3C HTML 4.01 transitional and partial WAI 508 compliance
  • Basic ability to integrate into other CMS

New Language Translations

  • COMPLETE French translation of the instructions and updated french language file kindly provided by Sèbastien Gaugry
  • COMPLETE Italian translation of the instructions and updated italian language file kindly provided by Mario Marani
  • Bulgarian Language File kindly provided by Nikolay Tsanov <tsanov@tu...>
  • Added Portuguese language kindly provided by Rosaura Gazzola & Job Vieira Lècio, Brazil

New Templates

  • "Blue Heaven" theme
  • "BluenGrey" theme
  • "Vallendar" theme
  • "Business_Grey" theme
  • "Eirenicon" theme
  • "SoftGreenCurves" theme