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<div class="simplebox">This page is no longer maintained. You can '''check the latest change logs at [ Sourceforge]'''. Choose the version you are interested in and at the bottom you'll find the release notes for each version.</div>
You can '''check the latest change logs at [ Sourceforge]'''. Choose the version you are interested in and at the bottom you'll find the release notes for each version.
===Changes from 1.72 to 1.80===
Release date 2009/03/09
====New features:====
* New question types and new questions attributes:
* New question types: Array Multi Flexible (Numbers & Text) (jcleeland)
* New question type: Slider - developed as a variant of multiple numbers question
* New question type: Array of checkboxes - implemented as a variant of Array Multi Flexible (Numbers) (lemeur)
* Questions updates: limit possible answers for rank questions (jcleeland)
* Questions updates: having many 'Exclude all others' (jcleeland)
* New Feature: Added min_answer feature for the following question types: Multiple options, multiple options with comments and ranking question - patch was kindly provided by F.Markham (c_schmitz)
* New Feature: Added question attribute "alphasort" to sort a list of radiobuttons or a dropdown list alphabetically before display. (maziminke)
* New Feature: Question attributes dropdown_dates_year_max and dropdown_dates_year_min for question type date using dropdown layout (maziminke)
* New Feature: Enable numbers_only attribute for Array (Multi Flexible Text) adapted from a patch by user level420. (lemeur)
* Question update: Dropdown list options can be grouped by categories
====New management features:====
* LimeSurvey Remote Control (Soap gateway to remotely control LimeSurvey) (wahrendorff)
* Support of ORed questions in conditions (adapted from Ron L.J. van den Burg's patch). (lemeur)
* New condition designer interface (lemeur)
* Added new setting 'public statistics' to survey settings, added link appearing at the end of a survey when 'public settings' is switched on (c_schmitz)
* Improved user registration email (c_schmitz)
* 'Iterate Survey' icon available in the browse answers screen (only available for non anonymous surveys with allow persistence for token answers set to yes.) (lemeur)
* New options in token reminder management to limit the numbers of sent emails to participants (max number, min delay between emails)
* Adding a start date to the surveys (c_schmitz)
* Added result export to R (patch provided by Livio) (c_schmitz)
* Add direct link to imported question/group/survey after import (lemeur)
* Improved Admin Login (c_schmitz)
* Added possibility to split up the amount of exported responses at one time (Problem with max_execution_time) (lemeur)
* Question Attribute "public_stats" to filter which question statistics should be shown to the user (maziminke)
* Expiry-Date Tag for E-Mails, Welcome Page,... (lemeur)
* Changed layout order of Dual Scale Matrix in statistics (Mazi)
* Added translations for question attributes (c_schmitz)
====Core Changes:====
* Templates have been changed for better accessibility and layouts without tables (eric_t_cruiser)
* Replaced jpgraph with pChart - that way nice graphs in statistics can be shown without installing jpgraph (c_schmitz)
* Database performance enhancements (bobc55)
* Fancy URLs (c_schmitz)
* Updated toolbar icons (c_schmitz)
====New translations:====
*  New language: Dutch informal by Gert Mensing <> (kadejo)
*    Updated Language: Czech language updated. By Ivo Raisr. (kadejo)
*    Updated Language: French. (b00z00)
*    Updated Language: German (c_schmitz)
*    Updated Language: German informal (c_schmitz)
*    Updated Language: Dutch. By Jan-Willem ?. (kadejo)
*    Updated Language: Finnish. By Juuso Heinisuo. (kadejo)
*    Updated Language: French. (b00z00)
*    Updated Language: French by Alain Cedelle. (kadejo)
*    Updated Language: Galician language updated. By Carlos Neira Cortizas. (kadejo)
*    Updated Language: Greek language updated. By Yiannos Katsirintakis. (kadejo)
*    Updated Language: Italian. By Giovanni Chiozza. (kadejo)
*    Updated Language: Norwegian Bokm&aring;l. By Reidar &Oslash;ksnevad. (kadejo)
*    Updated Language: Polish (xqleg)
*    Updated Language: Portuguese Brazilian by Andr&eacute;a Sim&otilde;es (c_schmitz)
*    Updated Language: Portuguese Brazilian by Fl&aacute;vio Veras (c_schmitz)
*    Updated Language: Russian. By Pavel Tokarev. (kadejo)
*    Updated Language: Serbian language updated. By Miroslav Jovanovic. (first in Cyrillic alphabet). (kadejo)
*    Updated Language: Slovenian language update (gasper_koren)
*    Updated Language: Spanish translation updated. (kadejo)
*    Updated Language: Swedish (maxz)
*    Updated Language: Thai. By Worawuth Nilchawna. (kadejo)
*    Updated Language: Turkish by A. Murad BAYRAM (c_schmitz)
===Changes From 1.71 to 1.72===
Release Date: 2008/10/07
====New General Features====
*Added template preview to survey settings (c_schmitz)
*Added the ability to the template editor to edit a CSS file - where the CSS filename must be the same name as the template. (c_schmitz)
*Added Prefix & Suffix Question Attributes for Short Text, and Multiple Short Text (jcleeland)
*Added feature request #02065 - Prefix & Suffix Question Attributes for Numerical Input (jcleeland)
*Added new attribute "other_replace_text" to use alternative text to "Other" for question types that have this option (jcleeland)
*PDF Orientation can be changed in config-defaults.php (stfreud)
*ssl/tls is now possible in emailer configuration, previously only tls was supported (Updated PHPMailer to version 2.02) (c_schmitz)
*Added qmail to possible mailer config settings (c_schmitz)
*Implemented 02113: Add some details to Naming of Excel Export File (jcleeland)
*Rewrite of SPSS export to fix numerous problems
**SPSS 16 compatibility
**Data is exported now with a sytax and a data file
**While exporting the data is checked - if non-numeric data for a field is found the field is switched to alphanumeric
**Data for numerical questions is handled as float
**Label size is cut down accordingly (c_schmitz)
*Added new template mint_idea (c_schmitz)
*New variable $demoModeOnly, used to set limesurvey into a more secure demo mode. (machaven)
*Added Icelandic translation kindly provided by J&oacute;hann Fri&eth;riksson ( johannfr -i-t- arskoli -d-i-t- is )
*Updated Albanian Language file by Eniel Ninka (e -d-o-t- ninka -a-t- univpm -d-o-t- it )
*Updated Basque Translation by inforbek13 <strike>i-t</strike> eps -d-a-t- mondragon -d-a-t- edu
*Updated Bulgarian translation by Alexander Simidchiev <simid -a-t- mail -d-i-t- bg
*Updated Chinese Traditional Language File by Mark Yeung
*Updated Croatian Translation by Ro Vino (c_schmitz)
*Updated Danish translation by Thomas Clausen
*Updated Dutch translation by Hans Delva, Gerton Poot
*Updated Estonian Translation by Villem Vannas (villem -dot- vannas(a) mail (dot) ee)
*Renamed Farsi to Persian (c_schmitz)
*Updated Finnish Translation by Juuso Heinisuo, P&auml;ivi Tyni  (c_schmitz)
*Updated French translation (b00z00 and el Almoman walmoman -a-t- hemisa -d-o-z- com)
*Updated German translations (c_schmitz)
*Updated Greek translation by Christos Rodosthenous and Yiannos Katsirintakis
*Updated Hungarian, Macedonian, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Italian, Croatian & Estonain Language Files
*Updated Hungarian Translation by Daniel Fuleki (c_schmitz)
*Updated Italian translation by Eniel Ninka  ( e d-0-t- ninka -a-t- univpm -d-a-t- it)
*Updated Korean translation submitted by the Korea National Police university translation team
*Updated Latvian translation provided by Marcis Trapencieris (marcic -a-t- sociology -d-i-t- lv)
*Updated Norwegian Bokmal and Nynorsk translations by dittaeva, Egil Hansen
*Updated Persian translation by Hooman Mesgary  - mesgary -a-tt- gmail -d-o-tt- com
*Updated Polish Translation by piotr.plenik a-t-t- teamlab doott pl and xqleg
*Updated Portuguese-Brazilian translation by Luiz Rafael Santos (lrsantos11 -i-t- gmail -d-o-a-t com)
*Updated Portuguese Translation by Duarte Geraldes (duarte -it- roquettegeraldes -d-i-t- com)
*Updated Slovenian translation (gasper_koren)
*Updated Spanish translation (kedajo)
*Updated the swedish translation (maxz)
*Updated complete Turkish translation by Murad Bayram (murad dott bayram att rshm dott gov dott tr) (c_schmitz)
*Updated Turkish translation for calendar by A. Murad BAYRAM (c_schmitz)
*Added and updated calendar translations (c_schmitz)
===Changes From 1.70 to 1.71===
Release Date: 2008/06/02
====New General Features====
*Include new pdf-features (stfreud)
*Standard sitename and sitemail when creating survey (lemeur)
*Reworked the SPSS export to
**a) remove redundant pass throughs of dataset (in DATA LIST build)
**b) adjust DATA LIST column widths to account for data (uses tmpfile())
**c) escape apostrophe's in a string to an html entity
Note, this was only tested with SPSS 15, it's likely there are UTF-8 problems. (awarren)
*Raised amount of tokens displayed on one page from 50 to 100 [[How to translate LimeSurvey]] (c_schmitz)
*Graphical date picker to date question type and survey properties (c_schmitz)
*Overview of all surveys in addition to the existing combobox (nkorfiatis)
*Save the referring URL in survey results. Sponsored by Lawrence Weathers (docweathers) Coder: Richard Kavanagh (
*Added feature to show custom attribute names in token interface
*Added random survey number generation to make guesses on the surveyid harder
*Moved admin interface styles to style sheets
*Fixed image links and included PNGFix in admin interface for crappy old IE6 browsers (nkorfiatis)
*Bubble hints on icons for FF (nkorfiatis)
*DB Versioning for easier updates to the DB in the future (c_schmitz))
*Removed experimental interface
====New Languages====
*Brazilian Portuguese by Anderson La&sbquo;cio Galindo Trindade
*Chinese Traditional (Area Hong Kong) by Mark Yeung
*Finnish by Matti Lassila
*Galician translation by Carlos Neira Cortizas
*Japanese translation by Hiroki Yoshino
*Polish by Maciej Zawado
*Serbian by Ivan Recevic
*Spanish by Carlos Juan Mart&iacute;n P&eacute;rez
*Vietnamese by Vinh Ngo
====New Templates====
*New default template
*New clear_logo template
===Changes From 1.00 to 1.01===
====New General Features====
*Replaced XPertMailer Email Class by PHPMailer library for much more stable invitation and reminder mailing. This should fix the lost email problem.
*You can now use an variable named {TOKENID} somewhere in your URL in survey settings. It will be replaced with the Token ID. Like this:
URL Desc: Google is your friend
====New Languages====
*New Russian language file for admin and updated client language file by Alexei G. Tchernov ( alexei_g_chernov at mail dot ru )
*New Finnish language file for PHPSurveyor fronted by Markus &Ouml;versti (markus dot oversti at edu dot haapavesi dot fi)
===Changes From 0.99 to 1.00===
====New General Features====
*Added SMTP relay and authorization
*Change survey sent/taken from "Y" to the date:When reviewing the tokens display, the fields telling if the survey request was sent, and the survey taken, display a N or Y. This was changed to be the actual date this event took place.This is giving some siginificant additional information to the survey author. (Patch by Thomas Ringate / tringate!)
*New global option that allows the administrator to specify what is the minimum number of remaining answers in an 'array - flexible' question that must be remaining before repeating the question headings. This avoids that the headings of the question are repeated if only a few answers are remaining. (Patch by Kris Ven !)
*Moved admin CSS styles to separate CSS file
*Moved config.php and common.php from admin directory to main one. This allow easy configuration of permission on IIS (Patch by freddy77)
*Use extensively dirname and <nowiki>'''FILE'''</nowiki> constants. This allow inclusion using full path names limiting some possible security issues. (patch #326 by freddy77)
====New Languages====
*Japanese translation kindly provided by Masaru Ryumae
*Greek translation file kindly provided by Artemis Mendrinos
*Romanian translation kindly provided by Bogdan Anastasiei
*Swedish translation of administration kindly provided by Niklas Andersson
*Croatian language file (submitted by Ivana Pavic)!
===Changes From 0.98 To 0.99===
====New General Features====
* List type question divided into two question types - radio button or drop down, so you can choose on a question by question basis whether or not to have radio buttons or a dropdown list.
* New "flexible" list type question uses labelsets to make reusing sets of answers easier - one radio and one dropdown type
* New "Huge" text question allows for a _really big_ textarea
* UTF-8 conversion. Use any char of any language mixed together.
* Question attributes, allows for better control over the display and working of individual questions
* New system option to set the table type in MySQL
* New "assessments" feature which allows you to sum the answers to groups of questions, or the total survey, and then present an "assessment" when the users submits the survey.
* New survey options, including:
** the capacity to set the "subject" of emails on a survey-by-survey basis
** hide the "<< prev" button so users can only go forwards through a survey
** Allow users to save a partially completed survey and come back to complete it later
** Automatically load the "url" when the user has completed the survey
* VV Import and VV Export: A way of exporting and importing results directly to the responses table - which not only allows merging of survey responses run on different servers, but also the ability to add or remove questions to a survey while preserving the existing responses.
*W3C HTML 4.01 transitional and partial WAI 508 compliance
*Basic ability to integrate into other CMS
====New Language Translations====
* COMPLETE French translation of the instructions and updated french language file kindly provided by S&egrave;bastien Gaugry
* COMPLETE Italian translation of the instructions and updated italian language file kindly provided by Mario Marani
* Bulgarian Language File kindly provided by Nikolay Tsanov <tsanov@tu...>
* Added Portuguese language kindly provided by Rosaura Gazzola & Job Vieira L&egrave;cio, Brazil
====New Templates====
*"Blue Heaven" theme
*"BluenGrey" theme
*"Vallendar" theme
*"Business_Grey" theme
*"Eirenicon" theme
*"SoftGreenCurves" theme

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You can check the latest change logs at Sourceforge. Choose the version you are interested in and at the bottom you'll find the release notes for each version.