New Template System in LS3.x/7/en

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Editing Using the Admin Interface

Template list

On the admin dashboard, there is now a box to access the template list:

The template list after a fresh install of RC3

The list is divided in 5 columns:

  • a preview of the template: it’s just a picture file called “preview.png” at the root of the template
  • the “title” of the template as specified in the manifest (config.xml in the root of the template)
  • the description of the template: a string set in its manifest
  • the type of template: Core template (provided with LimeSurvey), User template (added in upload directory), XML template (not loaded in database)
  • Extends: if the template extends another template, its name will be indicated here
  • Some action buttons:
    • Install: it will load the manifest of a template to add it to database and make it available for selection at the survey level
    • Uninstall: it will delete the configuration entries of a template in the database
    • Template editor: it will redirect you to the template editor
    • Template option: it will lead you the global configuration of template options