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(Importing a new version from external source)
(Importing a new version from external source)
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Message definition (LimeSurvey Manual)
*[[Installation - LimeSurvey CE]]
**[[Optional settings|Optional Settings]]
**[[Upgrading from a previous version|Upgrading From a Previous Version]]
**[[Installation using a command line interface (CLI)|Installation Using a Command Line Interface (CLI)]]
**[[Transferring an installation|Transferring an Installation]]
**[[Installation FAQ]]
***[[Installation security hints|Installation Security Hints]]
*[[Getting Started]]
**[[First login - your user preferences|First Login - Your User Preferences]]
*[[Administering LimeSurvey]]
**[[Administering LimeSurvey#Settings Tab|Settings Tab]]
***[[Home page settings|Home Page Settings]]
***[[Global settings|Global Settings]]
***[[Plugin manager|Plugin Manager]]
***[[Menu configuration|Menu Configuration]]{{NewIn|3.0}}
***[[Menu entries configuration|Menu Entries Configuration]]{{NewIn|3.0}}
**[[Administering LimeSurvey#Users Tab|Users Tab]]
***[[Manage users|Manage Users]]
***[[Manage user groups|Manage User Groups]]
***[[Central Participant Database]] (CPDB)
**[[Administering LimeSurvey#Advanced Tab|Advanced Tab]]
***[[Theme editor|Theme Editor]] (LimeSurvey 2.x)
****[[New Template System in LS3.x|New Template System In LS3.x]]
****[[Question themes|Question Themes]]
***[[Label sets|Label Sets]]
***[[Check data integrity|Check Data Integrity]]
***[[Backup entire database|Backup Entire Database]]