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Php included function

Specific function for LimeSurvey


Process Expression Manager with any string with current page information, return a string. Parameters are

  • the string to be processed
  • a boolean : return static string (or not), default to no.
  • an integer : recursion (max) level to do, default to 3
  • an array of string: replacement out of current expression know vars. The jey is the value to be replaced, the value is the replacement.


Return an array with all current response of the survey in parameters. Parameters are

  • The surveId to get response

Adding a function

You can add any PHP existing function easily in your config.php file. This is done adding the function in twigRenderer.

		'twigRenderer' => array(
			'functions' => array(
				'strlen' => 'strlen',
			'sandboxConfig' => array(
				'functions' => array(