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In the administration bar you can choose a survey and then some status information for this survey gets displayed.

Most of the displayed items are rather self-explanatory and are the settings and information set when "Creating a new Survey" or "Edit Current Survey".

The following information is displayed:

  1. Title: The title of the survey, followed by the unique Survey-ID.
  2. Survey URL: This is the URL to access the survey in/from the internet, looks like:〈=yy
    xxx is your Survey-ID.
    yy is the language code for the survey.
    When you use tokens, then you have to add "&token;=zzz" at the end of your URL. zzz is the token.
  3. Description: A description to the survey.
  4. Welcome: The text, which is displayed on the welcome page.
  5. Administrator: The name of the administrator, followed by the email-address of the administrator.
  6. Fax To: The fax number for this survey.
  7. Start Date: The date the survey starts if "Timed Start" is set to Yes.
  8. Expiry Date: If an expire-date is set, it will be shown here.
  9. Template: The template, which is used for this survey.
  10. Base Language: The main language for this survey.
  11. Additional Languages: Translated languages which are in use for this survey.
  12. Exit Link: This is the link of the End-ur<x>l, which is displayed or directly loaded when a survey is successfully submitted.
  13. Number of questions/groups: Shows the number of questions and groups in your survey.
  14. Survey currently active: Shows the status of your survey - active or not active.
  15. Survey table name: If the survey is active, the table name of the survey in the database is shown.
  16. Hints:
  • Answers are anonymous or not.
  • Format of the survey: Question by Question, Group by Group or All in one.
  • Responses are datestamped or not.
  • IP Address will be logged or not.
  • Referrer-URL will be saved or not.
  • Allow saves turned on or off.
  • Email notification turned on or off.
  • Regenerate Question Codes:
    • Straight: Every Question gets a new question code. First question gets 001, second question 002, third question 003,... (Group classification is ignored).
    • By Group: Every Question gets a new question code. First question in each group gets 001, second question in each group 002, third question in each group 003,...