Survey group permissions

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Global rights

  • Create : this allow user to create group, by default user are the owner of the group. Owner have all rights on is surveys groups.
  • View/read : this allow user to view and read all surveys groups.
  • Update : this allow user to update all surveys groups. In general : view rights are checked before update action
  • Delete : this allow user to delete all surveys groups. In general : view rights are checked before update action

Surveys groups shown in list

If user don't have view all surveys group read right, Surveys groups show in list (dropdown to choose Survey Groups or the Survey groups list).

  • The Default Surveys group (the surveys group with id 1)
  • Always available (New in 4.4.0 ) surveys groups : settings in each Surveys groups
  • If user have a right on one survey in the group : Surveys groups are shown.
  • If user have any right on Surveys group (User listed in Surveys groups permissions)

Surveys Group permission

Surveys group settings

Permission on survey group settings : name, description, parent group, sort order, owner, availability.

Ex cept description : this settings are shown in list too, then user without this specific right can see this information

Survey group security

Permission to modify survey group security settings.

Important.png  Currently : User can give more rights than he have. related issue in mantis

Survey settings for surveys inside group

Surveys in survey group inherited right

This rights are not part of Surveys group right. Then giving all read rights on Surveys Group din't give all read right on all Surveys.