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 h German (de)Weitere Information finden Sie [[Reorder_questions_and_question_groups/de|hier]].
 h English (en)The question groups and questions can be reordered as many times as you like. For further details, check the following [[Survey structure#Reordering questions and question groups|survey structure wiki subsection]].
 h Japanese (ja)質問グループと質問は何回も並べ替えることができます。詳しくは、[[Survey structure#Reordering questions and question groups/ja|アンケート構成ウィキサブセクション]]を参照してください。
 h Dutch (nl)Het hernummeren van vraaggroepen en vragen kun je zo vaak doen als je nodig vindt. [[Survey structure/nl#Veranderen volgorde vragen of vraaggroepen|Meer informatie]].