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Once you have activated a survey and are receiving responses it is worthwhile considering the following:

  • Export the survey structure (Exportcsv.png) immediately and save the .csv file on a safe place.
  • Regularly visit the "browse" screen (File:Browse.png)and export the received responses and keep a copy of the file.
  • Try not to make changes to the survey. There are some parts of the survey that can still be changed after it has been activated, and while these shouldn't cause problems, it's better safe than sorry. Fully test your survey before you activate it and then try to leave it exactly as it is.
  • If you have access to phpMyAdmin or a similar facility, try making regular backups of the entire LimeSurvey database (structure and data). If the worst happens and the whole database disappears, you could re-create the database and import the backed-up tables, and LimeSurvey will likely be able to pick up where it left off.