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Samenvatting respons

Dit gedeelte van LimeSurvey richt zich op de responses en het maken van statistieken. De overzichtspagina wordt weergegeven:

Response summary - info.png

De eerste tabel is "Samenvatting respons" en toont de volgende gegevens:

  • Volledige responsen - het aantal enquêtes dat door de respondenten is ingediend (door op de knop Verzenden op de laatste pagina van de enquête te klikken.
  • Incomplete responses - the number of surveys that have not been completely filled out by your respondents

Help.pngIf we take look into the Responses table, the incomplete answers are response records with no submission date. Such a record can occur when a participant uses the 'resume later' function or when an operator uses the data entry facility to fill out a survey without submitting the answer, or when a participant fails to complete the survey because he/she just left.

  • Total responses - the aggregated number of complete/full and incomplete responses

If you make use of the survey participants option, then a summary of the survey participants-related data is displayed on this page below the "Response summary" table:

Survey participants summary - responses.png

  • Total invitations sent - the number of invitations sent to your participants from the survey participants table
  • Total surveys completed - it shows the number of surveys that have been completed by your survey participants who have been allocated a token code
  • Total with no unique token - it displays the number of survey participants without an assigned token code
  • Total records - the number of survey participants from the survey participants table

Toolbar options

The following options are displayed on the top toolbar:

  • Summary - the page you land on after clicking on the Responses & statistics button
  • Responses - redirects you to the survey response table
  • Data entry - to be used to manually introduce responses into the survey response table, use this function. This is mainly used when survey responses were collected offline
  • Statistics - provides simple and complex statistics, as well as the possibility to export your data outside LimeSurvey
    • Statistics - simple mode - it makes use of the in-built statistics function to generate simple graphs and charts
    • Statistics - expert mode - it allows you do select certain data to be displayed in the statistics. In the case in which the in-build expert mode is not sufficient for your needs, you can export the data in other formats to further analyse it by using other statistics-specialized software
  • Timing statistics - if timings is enabled, the timing statistics option will be shown in the toolbar. It displays time-related statistics such as the total time spent by your respondents filling out the survey, as well as each question group and question
  • View saved but not submitted responses - under certain conditions users can resume later the survey to finish filling it in. The respective answers can be seen by you with the help of this function
  • Iterate survey - used to launch the same survey to the same set of survey participants to analyse trends