Volgorde vragen en vraaggroepen aanpassen

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Help.pngOm te zien hoe je de volgorde van de vragen en vraaggroepen in LimeSurvey 2 en in vroege releases van LimeSurvey 3 kunt wijzigen, klik je hier.


Als je de volgorde van vragen en / of vraaggroepen wilt aanpassen, ga dan naar het tabblad Instellingen en klik op de knop Vraag/vraaggroep verplaatsen:

Reoreder questions panel button.png

De volgende pagina wordt getoond:

Save when reordering questions.png

De vraaggroepen worden standaard uitgeklapt weergegeven.

Zoals onderstreept in het bovenstaande screenshot, moet je de wijzigingen na het slepen nog wel opslaan met een van de knoppen Bewaar.

Help.pngPlease note that you can still reorder questions by using the drag-and-drop option on questions and question groups listed under the Structure tab. For more details, click here.

Reordering questions

To change the order of a question, click on it and drag it to the new location. It can be a place located either within the question group it already belongs to or within another question group.

Reorder question 1.png

In this example, the position of question "Gender" was changed:

Reorder question 2.png

 Hint: Play with the Collapse all and Expand all buttons to get a better visualization of the survey questions. You may also use the arrow located right next to the name of the question group to expand or collapse only certain question groups.

Reordering question groups

To start reordering question groups, click on the group and drag it to the desired position:

Reorder qgroups 1.png

In our example, the position of group "Single choice question" was changed:

Reorder qgroups 2.png

 Hint: Use the Collapse all button located next to the green tip box to better visualize the groups used within your survey.

Alternative option to reorder questions and question groups

You can also change the order of the questions and question groups from the Survey Structure located under the Structure tab. Once accessed, click on the three-lines symbol that is located in front of the question (group) name and start dragging it to the desired position.


  Attention : Questions are displayed according to the order you set from the "reordering panel". However, conditions might prevent the reordering of the questions. In this case, you will have to delete or change the respective conditions first.