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General description

This question type can be used to ask for a certain date which can be entered using the javascript calendar or by using the form. Keep in mind that a date has to be in the format YYYY-MM-DD e.g. 2009-12-31.

D Date.jpg

When setting the question attribute dropdown_dates to "1" you can use three dropdown boxes to enter a date. Since version 1.80 you can also specifiy a min. and max. value for dropdown dates.

D Date DD.jpg

Advanced attributes

Display select boxes

{INCLUDE(page="Question attributes",start="!!dropdown_dates",stop="!!dropdown_dates_year_min")}{INCLUDE}

Minimum year

{INCLUDE(page="Question attributes",start="!!dropdown_dates_year_min",stop="!!dropdown_dates_year_max")}{INCLUDE}

Maximum year

{INCLUDE(page="Question attributes",start="!!dropdown_dates_year_max",stop="!!dropdown_prepostfix")}{INCLUDE}

Insert page break in printable view

{INCLUDE(page="Question attributes",start="!!page_break",stop="!!public_statistics")}{INCLUDE}