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Time limit action (time_limit_action)


Sets the action performed when a time_limit has expired. By default the action for a time limit is "Warn and move on", which means the system will give a short warning that the time limit has expired before saving the question and effectively automatically clicking "Next >>". The alternative choices are to:

  • "Move on without warning", which automatically clicks the "Next >>" button after the timer is finished but without any warning message.
  • "Disable only", which disables changes in the question so the participant can't change anything, but doesn't automatically click the "Next >>" button.

This setting is only applicable if the general time limit setting is activated.

Available options

  • Warn and move on (default): will warn the participant that the time has expired, and then click the next button
  • Move on without warning: will immediately click the next button after the time limit has expired
  • Disable only: will disable the answer after the time limit has expired but not automatically click next

More informations

Important.png  If the question is mandatory, or a question in the group was mandatory : a javascript loop can happen if mandatory question are not answered.

  • In group by group mode : settings one question with move timer in a group apply to whole group.