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Label for 'Other:' option (other_replace_text)

 Hint: This features is available starting in version 1.80


Short text string to replace the text "Other" as the label for other.


Entering a value of "Alternative:" for this attribute would result in the word "Alternative:" being used for the label for the "Other" option instead of the word "Other". It is extremely important to note that this question attribute should only be used in single-language surveys. Prior to version 1.80, if used in multiple language surveys, the same question attribute value will be used no matter which language is being displayed.

In version 1.80 and later, a translation will be attempted but will only be successful if the translation already exists in the alternate language file (ie: translation cannot be made on a survey-by-survey basis). This means: to translate your other text you have to add your other_replace_text to the english .mo file (because this is LimeSurveys baselanguage) and translate this String in each of your surveys languages .mo files.