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*Any SGQA code  
*Any SGQA code  
*Any question code (variable name)  
*Any question code (variable name)  
*Any equation, using [[Expression Manager|Expression Manager]] syntax, without surrounding curly braces.  
*Any equation, using [[ExpressionScript - Presentation|ExpressionScript]] syntax, without surrounding curly braces.  

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Minimum sum value (min_num_value)


This setting is available in the multiple numeric and numeric array input questions. When this attribute is set, the input value(s) (depending on the type of question) must meet this criteria - the (sum of) number(s) has to be higher than the value you type in this box. Otherwise, the respondents will not be able to submit her answer(s).

Valid values

  • Any integer value above 0
  • Any number (using . (dot) for decimal separator)
  • Any SGQA code
  • Any question code (variable name)
  • Any equation, using ExpressionScript syntax, without surrounding curly braces.


  • Setting a value of 10 would mean that the total value of all numbers entered in all input boxes fr this question may not be smaller than 10. Totals of 9 would not be allowed. A total of 12 would be acceptable.