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'''Valid values'''
'''Valid values'''
*Any number value
*Any number value
*Any SGQA code {{NewIn|1.92}}  
*Any SGQA code {{NewIn|1.92}}  

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Maximum answers (max_answers)


Can be used to limit the total number of answers a user can select in a multiple choice question.

Valid values

  • Any number value
  • Any SGQA code (New in 1.92 )
  • Any question code (variable name) (New in 1.92 )
  • Any equation, using Expression Manager syntax, without surrounding curly braces. (New in 1.92 )


If set to 2, the user will only be able to check at most 2 checkboxes or 1 checkbox + fill the Other field (if any). At ranking questions the participant would be able to only select 2 items at most.