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===Subvraag validatie vergelijking (em_validation_sq)===
===Subvraag validatie vergelijking (em_validation_sq)===

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Subvraag validatie vergelijking (em_validation_sq)

 Tip: De functie is beschikbaar vanaf versie 1.92


This is an equation that is used to validate each sub-question (text field) individually. Any text field that does not pass these validation conditions will have its background color turned pink (using the .em_sq_fn_validation CSS style) to highlight the error. Note that this is available in addition to the regular expression-based validation option.

Valid values

Any equation, using Expression Manager syntax, without surrounding curly braces.


Say you have a multiple short text question and you want to collect email addresses. You could use the regular expression validator to make sure the email address has proper syntax, but that doesn't guarantee that the domain name exists. You could add a function to Expression Manager called validateEmail() which uses DNS lookup service to validate the existence of the domain.

As another example, say you only want to allow numbers that are a multiple of 3, the equation would be:

(this / 3) == floor(this/3)

The reserved variable this is automatically replaced by a reference to the active text entry cell.