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Whole question validation equation (em_validation_q)

 Hint: This features is available starting in version 1.92


This is an equation that is used to validate the entire question (e.g all of its parts collectively for a multi-answer question). If the question fails the validation criteria, then then em_validation_q_tip message has the CSS style .error set to it. This tip uses the .em_q_fn_validation CSS style, which is hidden by default within template.css.

The main difference between this feature and the Sub-question validation equations (em_validation_sq option) is that for this feature, if the question (or question parts) fail validation, then an error message could be shown. For the sub-question validation, each text entry cell (e.g. in array, but also applies to single entry question types) will be styled so that the background color is pink.

Valid values


    • You want to collect demographic information from users via a multiple short text question, and you want to validate that the user has entered a reasonable email and phone number.

This example shows how the question looks with invalid answers:


And here is what it looks like with one invalid answer:


Here is how you edit a question to enter that information:


And here is part of the Show Logic File output that lets you validate the accuracy of your expression and ensure there are no syntax errors:


As you can see, the validation equation tests that both the email and phone are either empty or match a regular expression filter.

The validation tip only shows the warning message if the phone or email appears invalid.

 Hint: Remember, LimeSuvey uses the Perl syntax for regular expressions, so they should start and end with / (slash character)!