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Array filter (array_filter)


The Array filter advanced settings allow you to use any multiple choice question to select or set which responses display in a subsequent list, array or multiple choice question.

Starting in 1.92, subsequent questions can be filtered on any array question types, including:
  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple choice with comments
  • Multiple short text
  • Multiple numeric
  • Array (5 point, 10 point, Yes/No/Unknown, Increase/Same/Decrease, Column)
  • Array (Dual Scale, Text, Numbers)
  • Ranking

Furthermore, each of these types of questions can filtered.

The only exception is Array (Column), which can filter other questions, but can not itself be filtered.

To set a filter

Enter the question code of a multiple options question to use as the source information into the setting for array filter. For example, if your source multiple option question code is "Q1" enter "Q1" into either the 'Array Filter' input or the 'Array Filter Exclusion' input in the advanced settings of the question you want to filter. Only answer options that are selected in question Q1 will be visible in the array_filter-ed question.

Starting in 1.92, you can enter multiple array_filter options for a single question, separated by semicolons

Array filter question settings require the questions being used to have exactly matching lists of answers. If the questions do not have exactly the same set of answers and codes, then the filters will break.

Starting in 1.92, if Q2 has sub-questions that are not present in Q1, they will always be displayed rather than breaking the filters.


The Array filter will cascade – that is you can select a question which filters another question, which filters another question, and so on.

Array filter example

Ticking items ‘One’, ‘Three’ and ‘Four’ in the first question results in the entries 'One', 'Three' and 'Four' displaying in the subsequent question which uses array filter

Multi option question


Question: Which animals do you like?

1 Cat

2 Dog

3 Zebra

Array 5 Point Choice Question


Question: Rate these animals on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is I like them a little and 5 is I like them a lot

Array filter example 2 - Using Multiple Short Text

Note: This features is available starting in version 1.92

Array filter with multipe short text.jpg

Here is the Limesurvey Group file for the above demo


Array filter example 3 - Cascading Array Filters

This sample survey shows use of array_filter, array_filter_exclude, and exclude_all_others, plus cascading array filters.