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Starting from LimeSurvey 2.05, LimeSurvey will officially support plugins.

Plugins allow users to customize the functionality of their installation while still being able to benefit from regular software updates.

This documentation is meant for developers that are extending LimeSurvey for their own use or for their clients; end users will not be helped by this documentation.

Plugins must implement the iPlugin interface. We recommend extending your plugin class from the PluginBase class.

By extending you benefit from common functionality required by plugins that we already have implemented for you. One of these function is the implementation of the getPluginSettings function. This function must return an array describing the configuration options for the user.

The example plugin exposes just 1 configurable setting, the message it'll show.

protected $settings = array(
    'logo' => array(
          'type' => 'logo',
          'path' => 'assets/logo.png'

     'message' => array(
          'type' => 'string',
          'label' => 'Message'

The array contains a name for each setting as a key. The values are arrays containing the required meta data.

Supported types are:

  • logo
  • string
  • html
  • choice
  • relevance

Besides type a number of other keys are available:

  • label, defines a label (use English, the label specified here will be passed through the translation functions)
  • default, defines a value to show if no value is specified.
  • current, defines the current value.
  • readOnly, specifies the setting is read only.

Special plugins

Authentication plugins