Other Online Surveys and Interface Examples

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A few examples of surveys input and reports:

LS2 needs to be first an uber-simple survey service like:

... that people then grow into when they have more complicated surveys to conduct.

WuFoo: a la BaseCamp, online form generation

An example of SurveyMonkey statistics:


A great approach for data visualisation:

More Gapminder Examples:

- Google Spreadsheet:

- Motion Chart:

- More Charts:

Obsurvey: some interesting tidbits:

Polldaddy and Wufoo is our competition.

Uber Swanky Form input page w/Ajaxy roll-up goodness

Comparing Mac Minis (the home page is worth a look too)

SAT-style (not the best designed) feedback form

Basic feedback forms for Apple products

Pownce’s signup w/inline help

Fantastic Search Interface

Form Design Primer

Dynamic help in forms article (a few good points)

List Apart on Form Usability

.......Extraneous UI examples.......

I’m not a huge fan of the UI, but some elements are slick. See the QT movie.

Nice RT ‘customization’

Adobe 'Form Follows Function' walkthru

Let’s continue to grow this example list.