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This page lists current Limesurvey releases, future development and release goals. We will try to update this regularly with more details as they become available but please help us (yes, we are talking about you!).

Goals cannot be fulfill by itself so if you want to give a helping hand or contribute new features yourself please get in touch!

Last update: 2016/09/21

Limesurvey v2.06 - Status: Archived

  • LimeSurvey v2.06 will not receive new features or updates - instead see 2.06 LTS version

Limesurvey v2.06 LTS (Feb/March 2016) - Status: Released

  • A LTS (Long term support) version will be made available to user who bought a LimeSurvey Premium Package (= Comfort Update) - this LTS version includes mainly security fixes.
  • This long term support version is scheduled to be maintained until at least 12/2016.

Limesurvey v2.5 actual release (Feb 2016) - Status: Released

  • Recommended version for new users
  • Completely new administration interface
  • Fully responsive survey templates

Limesurvey v3.0 - scheduled for Q4 2016 - Status: Development halted

This branch is aborted.

  • Development is halted as resources are focused on 2.5
  • Development will continue when 2.5 and 3.0 are merged
  • More information is available at the Limesurvey 3 wiki page.

Changes / New Features

Limesurvey 3 will be (another) major rewrite, see Limesurvey 3 wiki page for more details.

  • Extended plugin architecture with separation of authentification and authorization and JSON configuration file.
  • Extended installer
  • New DB layout for translations

Limesurvey 2.5x and onward

Planned features for the next major releases:

  • Cleaning up public survey HTML (Denis)
  • New [Cint plugin]
  • Adding tours
  • Turn questions into Question object types
  • Further improvements of the admin interface
  • Template adjustments:
    • Implementing Twig as template engine
    • Implementing the concept of "child templates"
    • Separate template core code and special CSS/JS
    • Implement core template and inherited shipped templates


  • Question objects will break backwards compatibility, so it will bump the major version up to 3.0.0.
  • The new template structure and underlying HTML changes will make old 2.5x templates incompatible. There will be another major release including the new template features.