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This page lists future development and release goals. We will update this regularly with more details as they become available. Goals cannot be fulfill by itself so if you want to give a helping hand please get in touch! Following you will find our first public project status and any future project status will replace this one. All project statuses can/will be found on thePast project statuses page.

LimeSurvey project status January 4th, 2013

LimeSurvey 2.0+ is currently considered to be stable - due to the recent switch to the Yii framework there are certain issues coming up regarding cross-DB compatibilities which are addressed by regular releases of new builds. LimeSurvey 2.1 is currenty in development and will show the start of a plugin-architecture.


Est. date Goal Remarks/features
15 April 2013 Release 2.1 alpha version -Improved plug-in system
-Question types are now plugins
Unknown Release 2.2 - New question designer
Unknown Release 2.3 - Locking
- Trans-process caching